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The grille on your car provides a clear route for air to pass through to cool your engine as well as providing a vital barrier to anything nasty in the air or thrown up from the road. Sitting between the headlights they can be metal or plastic, but they all work in the same way. Your grille can become damaged through an accident or from something thrown up from the road. Over time, grilles can wear out too, meaning a replacement is necessary. Swapping out a grille isn’t a tough job, and should be comfortable enough for the home mechanic with the right tools and attitude. Grilles come in all shapes and sizes and are built to the contours of your vehicle, so you need to choose the right one. That’s easy with our car parts selector. Add your registration plate or select your vehicle and you’ll see the right grille for your car. It’s easy to buy online, with free home delivery over £40 or use our Click & Collect service and have your new parts ready at your local Halfords store . You’ll soon be king of the grille.