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Your vehicle's air conditioning compressor is vital to its operation. It's what supplies the power to the air con system, enabling it to work, as well as being responsible for circulating the pressurised refrigerant vapour. It even pressurises it beforehand, making it a vital part of your car air conditioning system. When the A/C compressor fails, it'll usually need replacing. There are a number of different air con compressor faults which are quite common on cars, including bad wiring, contamination, lack of oil or a complete unit failure. If you need to replace or repair your car compressor then you want to know you have quality parts to get you back up and running and keeping cool when the summer weather kicks in. Halfords supply a full range of air car radiators for you to replace your damaged one. You can browse online and buy today, or if you are unsure which is the best one for your vehicle then you can call into your local Halfords store and one of our team can assist in helping you choose. You can also use our free click and collect service if that’s more convenient. Interest-free credit is available.