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How does a car expansion tank work?

The purpose of a car expansion tank is to store and preserve excess coolant. The coolant system consists of a radiator that heats the coolant to its operating temperature. Liquid and lubricants that sit in a stationary vehicle are stored in the main reservoir at a low temperature. When your vehicle’s ignition is turned on, these liquids increase in temperature which causes them to expand. And this is where the expansion tank comes in handy, collecting the overspill of this important fluid and re-circulating it around the engine.

Car expansion tank problems

A damaged expansion tank can cause serious issues with your car’s air conditioning and heating systems, leaving you without hot or cold air when you need it most. If you have an issue with your air conditioning but don’t know the cause, Halfords offers a free air-con check in-store which is available on most vehicles. As with all car components, identifying a problem before it develops could save you a lot of money.

Are you regularly topping up your coolant? If so, you could have a leak in your cooling unit. To ensure your AC and heating systems are working and that you don’t have a leak, head down to your local Autocentres to chat with one of our experts. All our expansion tanks and air conditioning products are available to buy online using our convenient click & collect or delivery service. If you’d like more online advice on a range of car parts topics, see our car parts hub for advice articles and how to guides.