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Energy created by the engine’s crankshaft is converted from mechanical energy to electrical energy by the alternator. The process creates electrical energy which charges the battery, and begins with a rotor which sits within the alternator and spins as the engine is turned on. The process itself is called induction, and is the reason behind all the working electrical & lighting components on your car. One of the most important components in the car alternator is the voltage regulator, which is responsible for making sure the current flow to the battery remains steady. As with all electricals, multiple factors may cause the charging system to fail, such as worn, damaged cables or a drained battery. At Halfords, we have a huge range of alternator parts for all car makes and models. The alternator cost depends on the make, model and specification of your vehicle. To find suitable products for your car, enter your registration number into the tool provided and we’ll match you with the products that fit your car. Once you’ve found the products you need, use our convenient click & collect service to get hold of your products sooner. Prefer to have them delivered? Opt for delivery at checkout. If you’re still unsure which products you need, head down to your local Halfords store where one of our colleagues will be happy to help you out.