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Car headlights, brake lights and indicators keep us safe on the roads. Even during the day, it’s crucial that all of your lights are working perfectly. Plastic lenses that surround our lights protect the bulbs from decay or damage, but the’re easy to smash or crack. Over time, the plastic can wear away and become discoloured too. When they do they need to be changed ASAP. From replacement car lenses to high-powered LED lights we’ve got everything you need for a light restoration at Halfords. Car lenses follow the contours of the body, which means you need to choose the rights parts carefully or they won’t fit. Our car parts finder makes finding car spares like lenses simple. Just add type in your registration and you’ll see a range of car lenses and other essential parts you’ll need to get your lights working again. We stock a massive range of car bulbs and LED lights, including budget bulbs, LEDs and high-performance lights that will last for years. Whether you drive a BMW, Ford, Vauxhall or VW at Halfords you’ll find all the car parts and car spares you need. You can shop our entire range online and get your new parts delivered to your door. If you want some extra advice, then drop in to your local Halfords store where someone will always be happy to help.