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About our switches and sensors

Switches and sensors serve a variety of functions. More modern-day cars have a higher number of switches and sensors, as they feature more advanced tools such as car computers and air conditioning systems.

What do switches and sensors do?

Though they may be small in size, cooling switches and sensors play a vital role in regulating temperature, and are responsible for carrying heat from the vehicle to the air outside. If your vehicle has a mechanical thermostat, you’ll also find a cooling fan switch that regulates the temperature of your engine, and in simple terms, tells your fan when to stop and start. More modern day vehicles with computer systems use a cooling sensor to identify engine temperature. From here, the computer will use data from the sensor to operate the cooling fan to prevent your engine from overheating.

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A broken switch or cooling sensor can cause long-term damage to your car’s electrical parts, which if left alone while faulty, could cost you a lot of money in repairs. All our switches and sensors are available to purchase online. What’s more, with our free click & collect and delivery services, getting hold of your products has never been easier. To protect your engine and all its electric parts, enter your vehicle registration number into our tool, and watch our system pull all the products suitable for your car. If you need assistance or a professional fitting service, head to your local Autocentres to speak to one of our experts.