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Steering systems rely on a fully-functioning track rod which connects it to the wheels. Comprising of two rods - an inner and outer rod, they are both responsible for steering your car. To ensure your car moves in the direction you turn the wheel, the track rods and steering system need to be fully aligned. With the outer rod attached to the steering knuckle, the inner rod connects to the steering rack and pinion. Intense pressure can cause them to lose lubrication, which can offset your steering and affect the wheel alignment. Also, faulty track rods are the main cause of worn tyres. We recommend that you replace the track rods on both sides at the same time as this will influence equal wear. At Halfords, we offer a range of track rods and ends for all car makes and models. To locate yours, simply enter your vehicle registration number into the tool provided and our system will pull relevant products suited to your car. Once you’ve found the products you need, rely on our trusted delivery service or collect from your local Halfords store .