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e.PRIMACY eprimacy

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  • Eco-responsible MICHELIN summer tyre for fuel, hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Increased electric vehicle battery range
  • High standard of safety, from the first mile to the last

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Embrace eco-responsible driving and reduce your fuel costs with an energy saving tyre. In its category, MICHELIN e.PRIMACY delivers the lowest fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, plus an increased battery range for electric vehicles. Stay safe on the road with a tread pattern designed to ensure lasting wet braking performance. Maximised road contact reduces treadwear for excellent longevity. Made in Europe, MICHELIN e.PRIMACY is the first Carbon neutral MICHELIN tyre at the time of purchase.

Eco-responsible and fuel efficient tyre.
Fit the MICHELIN e.PRIMACY eco-designed tyre, boasting the lowest fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of its category. Reduce your emissions by up to 174kg of CO2 and save up to £72 on fuel during the tyre usage.

Stress-free, smooth electric journey.
Increase the battery range of your electric or hybrid vehicle by approximately 7% compared to the average of its competitors with MICHELIN e.PRIMACY. Enjoy about 18 additional miles for a 250 miles estimated EV vehicle range. An eco-responsible tyre, featuring an EnergyAirShield Compound for reduced energy dissipation and a CoolRunning Sidewall for less energy absorption.

High-level, long-lasting safety.
Enjoy peace of mind on wet drives with the MICHELIN e.PRIMACY tyre, designed for a high standard of safety. Braking distance stays below the legal homologation level for a new tyre, even after 30,000 kilometres (18,000 miles) of use. The U-shape groove evacuates surface water throughout the life of the tyre, providing safety made to last.

Excellent treadlife
For miles of eco-responsible driving, choose the MICHELIN e.PRIMACY long-lasting tyre. MaxTouch Construction provides maximised road contact, spreading the forces of acceleration, braking and cornering evenly for excellent longevity with no compromise on performance.