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Trolley Jacks & Axle Stands at Halfords

When it comes to working on the underside of a car or simply replacing a tyre, you'll need a little help from a car jack or axle stand. Not even the strongest of us could claim to lift a car, or squeeze underneath one!

Thankfully you don't need to, since our car jack, trolley jacks and axle stands are there to do the hard work. Safely raising your vehicle off the ground, you'll have enough space to work underneath it.

Here at Halfords, we have a whole range for you to choose from, including low profile trolley jacks which are ideal for low chassis, axle stands for heavy vehicles and steel wheel chocks to prevent vehicles moving forwards whilst they're raised up.

If you're a bit unsure, then pop over to see us at your local Halfords store; our staff are ready and waiting to help you find the best jacks or axle stands for your needs.