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Finding the Right Size Bike for your Kids Guide + Video

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Make sure you choose the right size bike for your little one with our guide.

Finding the Right Kids Size Bike

It's important to pick a bike that will be the right size bike for your little one, as one that's too large or small can be uncomfortable and difficult for them to ride. Of course, if your child's in between sizes then it's sensible to pick the larger one, but having them ride a bike that's far too big for them might mean that they won't enjoy it at all.

Kids' bikes are sized according to the size of the wheels, rather than the size of the frame. Bigger wheels will roll better, and give an easier and comfier ride for children. But if they're too big, your child won't be able to control the bike.

Measuring your child in-store

The easiest way to ensure you get the right size bike is to pop into local store and get your child to try some bikes out! Here's what to look out for:

  • Your child can put the balls of their feet on the floor when sitting on the saddle.
  • There's enough room for them to stand over the top tube (the horizontal bar of the bike).
  • Look at them from the side to check that the bike's long enough for them. Children tend to ride in a more upright position, but if they're squashed onto a short bike then it can be unstable and not as comfy. Their arms should be almost straight and their back should lean slightly forward.

Measuring your child at home

If you're buying a children's bike online or it's a surprise for a special occasion, don't worry! You can still find the right size bike using our kids bike size guide & chart which will help you find the right size bike frame:

  • Measure your child's height with a tape measure.
  • Take this measurement and use the table below to decide which size bike will be ideal for your little one.
  • If they're in between two sizes, go for the larger bike.
  • Once you know the size of the bike you're looking for, head over to our kids' bikes page and sort the bikes by wheel size using the boxes on the left-hand side of the page (if you're on mobile, click 'Filter by' at the top of the page).

Kids Bike Size Chart & Frame Size Guide

Wheel Size Age of Child (Years) Height of Child (Inch) Height of Child (cm)
Balance 2 - 4. 2' 11" - 3' 5" 88 - 105
12" 3 - 5. 3' 3" - 3' 8" 98 - 112
14" 4 - 6. 3' 5" - 3' 10" 105 - 117
16" / 18" 5 - 8. 3' 8" - 4' 2" 112 - 127
20" 7 - 9. 3' 10" - 4' 6" 117 - 136
24" 8 - 11. 4' 2" - 4' 9" 127 - 145

Don't worry if you don't feel confident with the size or adjustment of the bike. You can always pop into store and we'll be more than happy to help you out or use our online tool which will help you find the perfect bike size frame.

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