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DAB Car Radios Buyers Guide + Video

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Get the signal loud and clear with our DAB car radios buyer's guide.

DAB Car Radios Buyer's Guide

With a wider range of stations and clearer quality, DAB radio is worth the upgrade. DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting, and it's an advanced way of broadcasting radio, resulting in more reliable and better quality programming. Even though it delivers many stations that are the same as FM, there are also loads more that are only available on digital radio.

Benefits of a digital car radio

DAB offers plenty of features not present in standard analogue radio:

  • Wider choice of stations - Take every station you have currently. Then add loads more! In most major towns and cities there are around thirty to fifty more stations; you'll be spoilt for choice!
  • Station Names - The digital format quickly detects and lists stations, so you can spend less time scrolling and more time listening.
  • Digital Sound - DAB radio is broadcast in a way that does away with background noise and interference for crisp reception.
  • On-screen information - As well as station names, DAB also sends out song names, artists, show listings, headlines and sports results, making it easy to check anything you miss.
  • Pause/Rewind - Although not every model is capable of this, certain DAB radios can pause and rewind live broadcasts.
  • Aux-In - Many models have an aux-in socket for your phone or MP3 player, letting you listen to your own music.
  • Bluetooth - Some models allow you to pair your phone so you can stream your own music or take hands-free calls.
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Types of DAB radio

You can listen to DAB radio in one of three ways. The first way is to get hold of a Plug and Play adaptor - this fixes to your windscreen, and attaches to your built-system to play DAB through your existing radio. Or you can use a hidden adaptor for a much sleeker, more subtle approach.

If you go for an authentic DAB radio, you'll get a bunch of features specially designed for a more up-to-date unit. As well as better quality, you'll have tailored controls and the choice to use functions such as a smartphone, USB connectivity and Bluetooth.

Get your DAB Radio fitted at Halfords

It's important to make sure your new DAB system is fitted correctly - that's where we come in. Here at Halfords, we can make sure your radio is properly connected to your speakers without any visible clutter, and we'll even sort out your antenna! Prices start at 30/€35 - take a look here to find out more about our car audio fitting service.

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