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We will happily offer a refund or exchange within 28 days of purchase, provided you return it to us in its original and unused condition with your proof of purchase. We may need to verify the serial number on your receipt against the serial number on the item being returned.

Yes it's a good idea to update your sat nav every 3-6 months to ensure you have all the new roads on your device. If you need any help with the process, take a look at our guide to updating sat navs, or pop into your local store and we'll be happy to explain the process.

What Does Digital Radio Switchover Mean for Cars?

As the main form of entertainment for motorists, it's important to stay in the loop when it comes to DAB radio. Luckily, Halfords have got you covered!

Why do we need a digital switchover for radio?

DAB is set to replace analogue radio, or FM, at some point in the future. Similar to the TV switchover in 2012, switching to digital broadcasting will open up more space on the airwaves and offer a greater choice of stations to listen to. It's proposed that all national stations make the jump to DAB, although there will be a few local stations that will remain on FM. AM services will either move to FM or digital.

Why should I get a digital radio in my car?

DAB radio gives you your existing stations plus many more. As well as extra stations, you'll get improved functionality, clearer reception and easier tuning. Take a look at our guide to DAB radio to find out more.

When is the switchover happening?

Although originally planned to take place around 2015, there is now no set date for the digital radio switchover to happen. Instead, the government have set certain criteria that need to be met before the switchover can be planned. Those criteria are:

  • 50% of all radio listening must be digital
  • National DAB coverage matches FM coverage
  • Local DAB reaches 90% of the population

If current rates continue we're projected to hit these criteria towards the end of the decade, meaning the earliest a switchover could take place would be 2020.

How can I get digital radio in my car?

All cars can be converted to receive digital radio if they don't already. One way to do this is with a DAB adaptor - a device that attaches to the dashboard, letting you play DAB through your system. Another way is to fit a new radio that can receive DAB. They often come with lots of extra features too, such as aux-in and Bluetooth. Don't forget that you might need a DAB antenna if the adaptor or radio you have doesn't come with one.

Remember, we can fit your radio for you - just get in touch with your local store and ask!

What does the digital radio tick mark mean?

A radio with the digital radio tick mark tells you that the radio you're buying is an approved product which is future-ready. Radios with this mark can receive FM, DAB, and DAB+, which is a technology standard being adopted across Europe.

So there you have it! Now you're in the know, take a look at our range of DAB car radios and join a new world of stations!

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If you've bought or are thinking about buying a dash cam, then you may need to buy an additional MicroSD card if the dash cam doesn't come with one as part of a bundle. The following recommendations make it easier to choose the right one.

Brand Dash cam model Recommended memory card
HDC100 SanDisk Ultra MicroSD UHS-I Card - 16 GB
HDC200 SanDisk Ultra MicroSD UHS-I Card - 16 GB
HDC300 SanDisk 32GB HE microSDHC Card & Adpt
HDC400 SanDisk 32GB HE microSDHC Card & Adpt
122 Nextbase 32GB U3 MicroSD Card
222 Nextbase 32GB U3 MicroSD Card
322GW Nextbase 32GB U3 MicroSD Card
422GW Nextbase 32GB U3 Micro SD Card
522GW Nextbase 64GB U3 Micro SD Card
622GW Nextbase 128GB U3 Micro SD Card
Rear Window Add on Camera N/A
Rear View Add on Camera N/A
Cabin View Add on Camera N/A
DRV-330 SanDisk Ultra MicroSD UHS-I Card - 16 GB
DRV-430 SanDisk 32GB HE microSDHC Card & Adpt
DRV-520 SanDisk 32GB HE microSDHC Card & Adpt
DRV-830 SanDisk 32GB HE microSDHC Card & Adpt
46 SanDisk 32GB HE microSDHC Card & Adpt
47 16GB SD card included
56 SanDisk 32GB HE microSDHC Card & Adpt
57 16GB SD card included
66W SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSDXC
67W 16GB SD card included
Mini 2 16GB SD card included
Tandem 16GB SD card included
BlackVue DR590X-1CH 32GB SD card included
BlackVue DR590X-2CH 32GB SD card included
BlackVue DR750X-1CH 32GB SD card included
BlackVue DR750X-2CH 32GB SD card included
BlackVue DR900X-1CH 32GB SD card included
BlackVue DR900X-2CH 32GB SD card included
BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE 32GB SD card included

If you still aren't sure which features you want from your MicroSD card, then check out our MicroSD Card Buyer's Guide, or ask one of our colleagues at your local Halfords store. We'll be happy to help!

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In order to keep your satellite navigation unit in tip-top working order, it's recommended that you update your unit as often as possible. This makes sure that it has the most up to date system and mapping information available. In order to do this, you would may need to connect your device to your PC or Mac or you may be able to do via Wi-Fi or a wireless network. Please follow the individual product information provided with your device.


You'll need to register your device either on the unit itself (if built-in WiFi) or by connecting it to a computer to activate the Lifetime maps. To download the latest version, reconnect to WiFi or computer and the device will automatically find the latest version of the maps. Please refer to your instruction manual.

Some vehicle manufacturers or independent retailers have warranties which become void after the fitting of aftermarket stereos, or the hardwiring of dashcams or sat nav units. We'd recommend that you should check the Terms and Conditions of your warranty prior to having any such work carried out. It may be that the retailer or dealership you bought the vehicle from would have a list of approved dealerships for such installations. It's up to you where you decide to go, and we'd be happy to help should you choose us.

What does certified refurbished mean?

A certified refurbished product has been returned when a customer has either changed their mind or the product was used as a demonstration. The manufacturer then puts it through a rigorous refurbishing process and return it to saleable condition and repackaged. After a final quality check, the product is marked as certified refurbished and can be sold.

Will my device have any damage?

Every effort has been taken to restore products to saleable condition and has been refurbished to a high standard. Your product may still have very minor signs of cosmetic wear but if present this will be minimal.

Will my product come in it’s original packaging?

In most cases yes, although we cannot guarantee this. If not your product will arrive in suitable white packaging.

Why should I buy refurbished products?

Refurbished products offer the same great quality and functionality for less. You can also be reassured that the product has been checked and tested by the manufacturer before being sold to you, and you will be covered by the manufacturer’s refurbished warranty. If however your product has found to be faulty, you are covered by your 3 month manufacturer warranty from date of purchase.

Am I still covered by a warranty?

Nextbase refurbished products are backed by a 3 month manufacturer’s warranty.

What can I do if I have a problem with my product?

our product is supported with a 3 month warranty from date of purchase. Should you experience any difficulties in setup, use or feel you want to return the product please call our dedicated UK based customer support +44(0) 2920 866439. Lines are open 9am-5.30pm.