Reasons why you should change your bike tyres

Tyres are arguably one of the best upgrades you can make to a bike. As the contact point between you and the road or trail, good rubber can get you up the steepest climbs, shave seconds off you fastest times or just make sure you arrive at work on time without any hassle.  

You’re getting lots of punctures

Sometimes punctures are just unlucky. Most of the time however, punctures are caused by debris on the roads or trails you ride and therefore you need a stronger tyre.

If you’re constantly getting flat tyres on your commute, then why not try a tyre with a reinforced layer like a Schwalbe Marathon Plus. The reinforced layer stops most thorns, bits of glass and other sharp objects making their way through to the inner tube.

If you ride off-road, then try either a reinforced tyre or go tubeless for better grip and prevention of pinch-flats by removing the inner tube entirely.

You need more grip!

Whether you’re cycling on the road or down a mountain side trail, if you find that you can’t hit a corner quite as quickly as you’d like then upgraded tyres is the way forward.

Wider tyres with a deeper tread pattern and soft rubber compound will give the most grip when the trail gets rough.

If you’re on the road, then try a smoother, wider tyre to maximise the contact patch between your wheels and the road’s surface.

If it’s wet weather and slippery roads you’re worried about, then try a road tyre with channels in the tread that help displace the surface water and keep the rubber touching the tarmac.

Your tyres have worn out or perished

If your tyre tread is not as grippy as it used to be, has flat spots or is even showing signs of the thread coming through the rubber, it’s time to change it! A worn-out tyre is not only more prone to punctures but also slower and, in extreme cases, un-safe.

Older tyres may also start to show cracks between the tread or on the sidewall. These cracks can become areas for debris to find their way in and cause punctures as well as let the air out!

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