How to fit mudguards to a hybrid bike

Fitting a set of mudguards to your hybrid bike can transform it into the ultimate tourer, super-commuter or all-weather leisure bike. This simple modification will make riding in poor weather more comfortable.

In this advice guide, we describe the steps to take to safely fit hybrid bike mudguards. The guide is suitable for bikes that have mudguard fixings already in place on the frame and forks.

Why should I fit mudguards to my hybrid bike?

A set of front and rear mudguards make cycling in poor weather a little more bearable.

Mudguards catch all of the dirt, muck and water that's thrown up from the road. A rear mudguard will also reduce the amount of grime that your tyres kick up. This means anyone cycling behind you will be grateful you had them fitted too.

Many hybrid bikes will already come with mudguards fitted as standard, but if yours doesn't (or they have been removed or need to be replaced), then this hybrid mudguard fitting guide is for you.

Can I fit mudguards to my hybrid bike?

You should be able to fit mudguards to any hybrid bike.

To confirm which type of mudguards you need, check If your hybrid bike has braze-on, fixed mudguard eyes. These are fittings that are part of your bike frame and forks and are used to secure the mudguards in place.

If there are eyelets on your frame and forks, then you should be able to purchase a set of standard mudguards.

If your hybrid bike doesn't have eyelets, then you will need a set of race blade mudguards.

Instead of securing to the eyelets, race blade mudguards such as the SKS Raceblade Pro Black come with quick release fittings that secure to the frame and forks.

If you need some advice on how to select the right mudguards for your bike, then check out our Mudguards Buyer's Guide.

Fitting mudguards to bikes with disc brakes is possible; however, all mudguards are slightly different, so we can't be specific. If you require expert advice, on the right mudguards for your hybrid, we recommend speaking to one of our Halfords bike technicians on the phone or in-store.

What you'll need

To complete the job, you will need:

  • A set of mudguards
  • Hex keys
  • Wrench

Most mudguards come fully assembled, so all you will need to do is fit them.

How to fit a front mudguard to a hybrid bike

  • Thread the mudguard between the forks, so it sits just on top of the tyre on the front wheel.
  • Next, using the bracket attached to the front mudguard, secure it in place. If you have a brake calliper fitted, you can use the brake bolt to secure the bracket in place. If you have cantilever or disc brakes, use the brake calliper hole on the frame.
  • Secure the stays to the outside of the eyelets at the bottom of the forks with the bolts supplied.
  • If the tyre rubs against the mudguard, then you can make fine adjustments by lengthening or shortening the stays. Ensure that you tighten all bolts before setting off.

How to fit a rear mudguard to a hybrid bike

  • Remove the rear wheel. As with the front mudguard, secure it to the frame with the supplied bolt or use the rear brake calliper bolt to keep it in place.
  • Secure the mudguard to the bottom of the frame using the supplied fixing or bolt.
  • Fit the mudguard stays to the guard and secure the bolts finger tight.
  • Next, secure the stays to the frame using the outside of the braze-on fixings.
  • Now, refit the wheel. At this point, you need to ensure that the tyre can run freely and isn't in contact with the mudguard. You may need to adjust the stays, raising them or lowering them as required.
  • When you're confident that the wheel can run smoothly and the mudguard is in the right position, tighten all bolts, and you're ready to go!

Should I attempt to fit mudguards myself?

Fitting mudguards to a hybrid bike is a relatively straightforward process that you should be able to do at home. However, it can take some adjustments to ensure that the tyres don't rub against the mudguards.

Alongside a massive selection of the best hybrid bike mudguards, our Halfords mudguard fitting service will fit your mudguards for a small fee while you wait.

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