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The Car Gods range includes over 40 of the finest hand-crafted products that cover all aspects of vehicle detailing; from pre-cleaning and decontamination to protection and restoration, Car Gods have every product you need.

The range of Car Gods products are developed in a comprehensively equipped technical centre, with a range of science backing up the formula and all detailing products without a compromise on quality.

All cars deserve supreme treatment and finish, and the wide range of Car Gods products deliver ultimate performance and nothing less than godly perfection.

Explore our favourites from the Car Gods collection, available at Halfords.

Car Gods: Shampoo

Car Gods Shampoo range

The key to a clean car is to first start with a good shampoo – and Car Gods have a solution to any dirt disaster, with a range of shampoos available.

Explore the range of Car Gods Shampoo available at Halfords over on the right. below.

The Car Gods 54 Ares Fall Out Eliminator works to effortlessly tackle iron contaminants on your vehicle's body, targeting stubborn deposits within minutes – simply spray on and watch the Fall Out Eliminator dissolve and detoxify your car.

For a long-lasting shine, the Car Gods 54 Cronus Holy Water Secret Shield contains a special blend of polymers and silicones, which bond to the surface of your car to provide incredible shine and dirt removal.

To get rid of any motorway-muck, the Car Gods 54 Thanatos Bug & Sap Remover eliminates any embedded bugs and sap from your vehicle's exterior, leaving a streak-free finish and improving your safety as a driver by removing anything interrupting your vision.

For an old-school shampoo, the Car Gods 54 Proteus Pure Shampoo effortlessly tackles the most stubborn dirt and grime from your car thanks to its natural pH neutral formula, which works to break down caked-in dirt and tough grime to leave you with a spotless car worth worshipping.

The Car Gods 54 Perseus Tar Dissolver removes tough tar spots that get stuck to your vehicle, leaving a clean and protected surface, ready for the next stage of your vehicle's treatment.

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Car Gods: Wax

Car Gods Wax range

Nothing beats the shine of a freshly waxed car – and the extreme shine Car Gods products create will leave you amazed.

Explore the range of Car Gods Wax available at Halfords over on the right. below.

Car Gods 54 Erebus Diamond Black Wax is an easy solution to restoring, polishing and waxing any black vehicle in one simple application – the advanced formula gives your car an effortless shine and removes all blemishes, imperfections and oxidation whilst adding an extra layer of protection.

For use on all cars, the Car Gods 54 Atlas Wax of the Gods protects, polishes and revitalises your vehicle to provide a high-gloss shine; containing premium Carnauba wax within the formula, this car wax not only enhances your car's shine and depth of colour, but also works to safely remove minor surface defects.

The heavenly top gloss detailer that is Car Gods 54 Aphrodite Speed Shine Detailer will leave you with a shine only heaven can send; the formula works in half the time of traditional wax or polish, leaving your car as clear as a mirrors reflection.

For a long-term beauty treatment for your car, the Car Gods 54 Athena Diamond Carnauba Wax is the best choice – designed for all types of paintwork, this Car Gods Wax provides easy and smooth removal of harmful contaminants whilst giving your car's surface a resilient, protective shield.

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Car Gods: Wheels

Car Gods wheel products range

To keep your wheels shining just as bright as your car's paintwork, Car Gods have a range of wheel-oriented products to get your alloys shining.

Explore the range of Car Gods wheel-oriented products available at Halfords over on the right. below.

Get your tyres looking brand new with Car Gods 54 Nyx Black Angel Tyre Serum, designed to revitalise and condition your tyres to provide optimum protection whatever the weather, leaving a satin or glossy finish, depending on how many coats are applied.

Remove any dirt, grime and brake dust from your wheels and trims with the pH neutral wheel cleaner, Car Gods 54 Hermes Wheel Perfection Cleaner.

For a protective shield and defensive barrier against the ever-changing seasons, Car Gods 54 Apollo Wheel Perfection Wax is a revolutionary wheel sealant that provides your wheels with instant protection in any weather.

Car Gods 54 Adonis Black Angel Tyre Glaze gives your tyres a showroom quality finish; this Car Gods Tyre Sealant contains a special rubber lubricant to help combat the effects of grazing on your tyre walls, as well as locking in a superior shine with just one use.

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