Continental Bike Tyres

Continental Bike Tyres

Based in Hannover, Germany, Continental Tyres have been developing and manufacturing bicycle tyres since 1892.

Since the early days, Continental Tyres have transformed basic products into high-tech tyres to satisfy the demands of touring cyclists, mountain bikers and racing professionals.

Continental bike Tyres aim to enhance road safety with their products, without compromising cyclists’ comfort or pleasure.

Continental Tyres consist of multiple components that are “baked” under heat and high pressure, to form the excellent standard of Continental Tyres for Bikes.

Modern materials are preferred these days, such as silica, which is used to provide better adhesion to Continental Tyres on wet surfaces.

All cyclists have one major cause for concern, which is that their tyres should be resistant to stone penetration and punctures.

Continental Tyres for Cycling feature an especially re-enforced puncture-proof layer beneath the tread of the tyre, which is capable of stopping even a drawing pin penetrating the Continental Inner Tube.

Despite this extra protection, Continental Tyres for Bikes weigh the same as a regular tyre; these modern-day bicycle tyres are designed to cater for different biking habits and different types of bicycles, incorporating the technology Continental Tyres employ to their products.

Discover our favourite Continental Tyres for Bikes below, available at Halfords.

Continental Tyres - GatorSkin

Continental Tyres - GatorSkin

If you're looking for tyres that can take on any weather, the Continental Tyres GatorSkin collection is for you.

These 4 Season Continental Tyre additions to your bike will assist in your cycling and allow you to take on the weather with ease.

Browse our favourite Continental Tyre GatorSkin products over on the right. below.

Continental GatorSkin Folding Road Tyre

This Continental GatorSkin Folding Road Tyre is lightweight and allows you to ride fast with low rolling resistance.

This folding Continental Tyre for All Seasons performs well in both wet and dry weather, and is great for serious cyclists.

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Continental Tyres GatorSkin - All Sizes

Continental Tyres offer a range of GatorSkin sizes to protect your wheels when you're on the road.

These Continental Tyres feature an aramid breaker and Duraskin sidewall protection for the ultimate protection against punctures, cuts and more on your bike tyres. If you enjoy training in the Winter or rain, these Continental Tyres for Four Seasons are the tyres for you. Browse our selection of GatorSkin Continental Tyres here.

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Continental Mountain King

Continental Mountain King

The Continental Tyres for Mountain Bikes are available in a range of sizes for all bikes.

Generous in volume, these Continental Tyres for MTB’s offer plenty of grip and direct steering response whilst you’re cycling, so you can really speed down hills without fear of skidding.

These Continental Tyres for Mountain Bikes are designed to offer support in even the most adverse conditions - suitable come rain, wind or shine, from anything to cross country riding to mountain biking.

Discover the range of sizes available in the Continental Mountain King collection here.

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Continental Inner Tubes

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Continental Inner Tubes are available for a range of different bike types.

Continental Race Light Inner Tubesare lightweight and feature high pressure Presta valves.

This inner tube, such as the Continental Inner Tube Race 28, makes a great replacement for damaged inner tubes that cannot be fixed with a simple puncture repair.

Continental 700c Inner Tubes are ideal for average road wheel bikes of 20-25mm width.

Check out the range of Continental Inner Tubes available today.

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Continental Folding Tyres

Continental Folding Tyres

As well as the Continental GatorSkin Folding Road Tyre, Continental Tyres also offer a wide range of other folding tyres for all bike types.

The Continental Ultra Sport II Folding Road Tyre features the PureGrip compound, which creates incredible grip for bikers just getting into cycling for sport.

Racers can also look forward to a supple 180 threads per inch casing, making this tyre perfect for trainers and entry level riders.

For road bikers, the Continental Ride Tour Reflex features more supple casing, giving riders a quicker deformation around the road surface.

The supple casing gives riders better rolling resistance and better puncture protection as the tyre is able to deform quicker around sharp, possibly offending, objects.

Discover more about the range of Continental Folding Tyre's online here.

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