Crosland Filters

Providing clear filtration since 1955, Crosland Filters are one of the top selling brands in the UK today, from oil to air to fuel, these filters are an asset to your vehicle.

All Crosland Filters are fully compliant with block exemption regulations and will not invalidate vehicle manufacturer’s warranties.

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Crosland Oil Filter

Crosland Oil Filter

Engine oil serves three main purposes to your vehicle: to lubricate the engine's internal components - such as the bearings, crankshaft, camshafts and lifters - as well as cooling and cleaning the engine.

Engine oil also cools internal components of the engine and keeps engine temperatures under control, whilst the cleaning element of the oil works to remove carbon build up and dirt that has found its way into the engine.

It is highly recommended that the car’s oil filter is replaced every time the engine oil is also changed, to keep the car’s engine clean and performing at optimum temperature.

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Crosland Fuel Filter

Crosland Fuel Filter

An engine's fuel filter is found along the fuel lines of the vehicle, within the engine compartment or underneath the vehicle's fuel tank.

The Crosland Fuel Filter works to trap any large or foreign particles in the fuel and stop them from getting into your engine to cause any significant damage, also trapping water from getting into the diesel system in particular.

If any large particles do manage to get into your car’s engine, it can cause serious damage to your vehicle - therefore maintaining your car’s fuel filter is highly important in the upkeep of your engine’s performance.

A Crosland Fuel Filter needs to be replaced every year or so - preventative maintenance and regular replacement can reduce the risk of any filter-related engine problems. As your vehicle ages, there can be a fair amount of rust and debris in the fuel tank; rust can be formed by moisture and condensation, and debris can get into your tank anytime you are adding fuel at your local petrol station.

Therefore, changing your Crosland Fuel Filter on a regular basis can help minimise the risk of any unwanted substances within your car’s engine. Crosland Fuel Filters are recommended to be changed every two years - however, if you live in a high-polluted area, and you drive your vehicle more than the average person, you will need to get the fuel filter replaced on a more regular basis.

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Crosland Cabin Filters

Crosland Cabin Filters

A cabin filter works to clean the air that comes into your car via heating and air conditioning.

A high concentration of pollutants in the air, derived from pollen, can lead to fatigue, giddiness, headaches, nausea, and occasionally allergic reactions.

Filtering out dust, pollen and other airborne particles, a Crosland Cabin Filter helps you to breathe fresh, clean air in your car - and if you’ve got a carbon activated cabin filter, your Crosland Cabin Filter will also capture exhaust gasses and odours.

If you have allergies or respiratory problems, regularly replacing your Crosland Cabin Filter is important to ensure that you're breathing in clean, filtered air.

A Crosland Cabin Filter can help you to avoid safety and visibility issues - when a cabin filter gets clogged, it can block the airflow coming into the vehicle, which can be problematic when you need to defog the windows or clear ice on a cool morning.

A cabin filter fitted in your vehicle provides protection against unwanted odours, such as agricultural and cleaning odours, and ensures visibility and enhanced wellbeing for drivers and passengers.

Increase the life of your car’s air conditioning and heating system with a Crosland Cabin Filter - having a clean cabin filter, your car can maximise airflow into the car, and work to its full potential.

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