Duchinni Helmets

Duchinni Motorcycle Helmets and Clothing

If you're looking for style with substance, Duchinni is the motorcycle brand for you.

Combining style and practicality, this range of motorcycle gear is the perfect answer for fashion-seeking motorcyclists.

Whether you’re commuting to work on a scooter, cruising the roads on a custom bike or leading the way on the latest superbike, Duchinni Motorcycle Helmets and clothing are stylish and substantial.

Duchinni represents a value for money range of excellent helmets, jackets, trousers, boots and gloves to suit all motorcyclists, meaning you’ll be able to invest in quality equipment that will last.

Find out more about the range of Duchinni Halfords offers below.

Duchinni Motorcycle Helmets

Duchinni Motorcycle Helmets

Combining European style with modern materials, Duchinni offer a range of helmet styles for all rider types and tastes.

An essential element for all motorcyclists, Duchinni’s range of both full and open face helmets keep riders safe and comfortable.

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Duchinni 705 Helmet

Uncompromising safety and style, the Duchinni 705 Helmet allows you to enjoy your freedom on two wheels safely and with cost-effective savings.

The Duchinni D705 delivers a complete solution to suit any budget.

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Duchinni 501 Open Face Helmet

A blast from the past, the Duchinni D501 hails from the Mod-era.

This retro helmet delivers modern safety and comfort alongside superior style.

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Duchinni Jackets

Duchinni Jackets

Duchinni Jackets represent a value for money range, with classic styling combined with strength and durability for the elements ahead.

With the ability to keep riders warm, protected from the elements and safe whilst riding, these Duchinni Jackets are the perfect choice for riders.

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Duchinni Leopard Jacket

This Duchinni Leopard Jacket is an all-season waterproof jacket which offers riders durability and comfort in all seasons.

The quilted thermal lining keeps riders warm when the temperature drops and the waterproof and windproof breathable lining has you covered to battle the rain and wind while you're concentrating on the road ahead.

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Duchinni Trousers

Duchinni Trousers

Sports styling with a classic design, Duchinni Trousers provide excelled performance alongside practicality.

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Duchinni Street Trouser

Understated styling with sporty detailing, the Duchinni Street Trouser is 100% waterproof and has a quilted thermal liner, designed to keep you warm and dry.

Stretch panels on the knee's and an elasticated high waist ensures total comfort on long journeys, while the CE approved armour give piece of mind when leading the pack.

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Duchinni Boots & Gloves

Duchinni Boots & Gloves

Accessories for a motorcyclist are essential - the correct boots and gloves ensure a smooth, comfortable and safe ride.

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Duchinni Motorcycle Boots

With modern styling and a classic leather combination, the boots are designed to battle the elements and adventures that lay ahead.

Perfect for long-distance biking, the Duchinni Detroit Boots are a waterproof and breathable boot to ensure you remain dry and comfortable.

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Duchinni Gloves

Duchinni offer a wide range of motorcycle gloves utilising the latest textile materials and leather to produce a practical glove for all season riders.

The full-grain leather Duchinni Turin Gloves have integrated carbon shell reinforcement to the knuckles and fingers for added security, while a tough twin layer of leather give the palms great durability and grip.

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