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Haynes Manuals have been the world's leading publisher of illustrated workshop car and motorcycle manuals since 1965.

Since then, Haynes Manuals have evolved to include a significantly wider range of automotive, sport, leisure, military and lifestyle publications.

Haynes Manuals are also available as online publications; Haynes Manuals can be viewed on any modern computer or mobile device, and sections can be printed for convenience if you’d like to keep sections of the manual in your car.

Available for over 11m+ vehicles on UK roads, Haynes Manuals that are consumed online give drivers access to video clips, which demonstrate step-by-step, how to perform some of the most common jobs in a convenient format, viewable on any device.

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  • Every manual is based upon a stripdown and rebuild
  • We only show diy friendly techniques
  • We save you time working out what is wrong!
Explore the most popular Haynes manuals available at Hafords below

Haynes Manual: Ford Focus

Haynes Manual: Ford Focus

As one of the most popular cars in the UK, the Haynes Manual for Ford Focus allows drivers to perform car maintenance and repairs with ease, following these simple manuals.

The Haynes Manual Ford Focus offers a variety of manuals for whatever year you purchased your car - from 2001 up to 2018, you’ll find your Ford Focus model within the range of Haynes Manuals.

For the older generation models, the Haynes Manual Ford Focus October 2001 - 2005 is ideal for DIY enthusiasts, or professional mechanics, as the step-by-step guide shows you how to do everything you need for your Ford Focus.

For a more recent publication, the Haynes Manual Ford Focus 2014 - 2018 gives you a full introduction of your car, covering all safety aspects and roadside repairs.

To get your Haynes Manual for Ford Focus, find your car model online and pick up your Haynes Manual.

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Haynes Manual: VW T5

Haynes Manual: VW T5

One of the most popular van models, the Haynes Manual VW T5 covers diesel models from 2003 up to 2014 (03 to 64 reg).

As part of the Haynes Manual bestselling car maintenance and repair manuals, this Haynes Manual is essential for home-use or garage needs.

Written by experts with applied experience, this simply laid-out guide is easy to read, containing drawings and photographs of the vehicle - making the Haynes Manual for VW T5 a must-have for T5 owners.

The Haynes Manual offers a comprehensive guide to servicing, repairing and maintaining your transit van, as well as intellectual shortcuts and tool tips, helping you save time and money on repairs.

Find out more about the Haynes Manual VW T5 2003 - 2014 online here at Halfords.

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Haynes Manual: Mini

Haynes Manual: Mini

For one of the most classic cars on the block, the Haynes Manual for Mini aids you in maintaining your vehicle with a simple, straightforward guide to your car.

This legendary car has Haynes Manuals to match; for the older model of Mini, check out the Haynes Manual Mini 1969 - 2001, or the Haynes Manual Mini 2006 - 2013, for a more up-to-date model.

The Haynes Manuals for Mini Cooper give you a full introduction to your car, covering all the safety aspects and routine servicing and maintenance procedures.

With a glossary of technical terms and photographs featuring full colour wiring diagrams, this Haynes Manual for Mini is an essential component for all Mini owners.

Explore the range of Haynes Manual for Mini online at Halfords today.

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Haynes Manual: Land Rover Defender

Haynes Manual: Land Rover Defender

With a big vehicle like the Land Rover Defender, you're likely to experience some large maintenance bills - however, with a Haynes Manual for Land Rover Defender, you can take on those tasks yourself!

With a Haynes Manual, you’re able to carry out simple to difficult car tasks with the help of the Haynes Manual: Land Rover Defender step-by-step guide.

Haynes Manuals offer a range of manuals depending on the year your car was made; there is a Haynes Manual for Land Rover Defenders 1983 - 2007, or for later models, try the Haynes Manual 2007 - 2016.

The Haynes Manual for Land Rover Defenders covers everything from the dimensions and weights of general repair procedures, such as changing your car’s battery, jacking your vehicle or MOT test checks.

As well as this, you’ll find a glossary of technical terms to help with the car jargon they use down at the local garage, not to mention photographs with full colour diagrams to help you with your repairs along the way.

Get your Digital Haynes Manual for Land Rover Defenders online here.

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