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A family-first business, Joie are driven by the simple joys of childhood.

With a mission to keep children safe, Joie extensively test all of their products at all stages of creation, and test beyond standard requirements to ensure that all situations feature as much protection as possible.

From car seats to pushchairs and travel cots, Joie have a safe solution for all families – explore our favourite Joie products available from Halfords below.

Discover our favourite range of Joie Products available at Halfords below.

Joie for Halfords Transfix i-Size G2/3 Car Seat

Joie for Halfords Transfix i-Size G2/3 Car Seat

Your little one will always travel safely with the help of the Joie for Halfords Transfix i-Size G2/3 Car Seat.

The seat offers three levels of protection including the exclusive Tri-Protect™ headrest with Intelli-Fit™ memory foam which is designed to keep your little one safe and comfortable.

You want to travel safe in the knowledge your little one is well protected and the Transfix won’t let you down, benefiting from added side-impact protection and an extra secure seat belt installation system.

And you won’t need to worry about any sudden growth spurts as the Transfix covers both groups 2 and 3, so it can be adapted as your child grows from roughly 4 through to 12 years old. Adapting the seat is easy thanks to an adjustable headrest with 10 different positions – so you’ll have no problem making sure your child is safe and comfortable.

With such an impressive package, the Transfix is the ultimate i-Size car seat and you can discover more about the seat online at Halfords.

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Joie for Halfords Convoy G0+/1/2 ISOFIX Car Seat

Joie for Halfords Convoy G0+/1/2 ISOFIX Car Seat

Children constantly grow and you need a car seat that will grow with them – and the Joie for Halfords Convoy G0+/1/2 ISOFIX Car Seat is the best choice.

Essentially 3 seats in 1, this multi-stage car seat adapts as your little one grows, keeping them protected from birth through to seven years old. The seat starts out in a rearward facing position before changing to a forward-facing car seat for children between 9-25kg. The Grow Together™ multi-height headrest and harness system adjust simultaneously, so you can adapt the seat as your little one grows.

With a range of ISOFIX technology, you can also travel with peace of mind that your little one is in safe hands. When travelling in a rearward-facing position, the seat is secured into your car using ISOFIX technology. Then, when in booster mode, you can rely on the ISOSAFE connection to keep the seat safe and secure.

Learn more about the impressive Joie for Halfords Convoy G0+/1/2 ISOFIX car seat online at Halfords.

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Joie Bold ISOFIX Group 1 /2 /3 Child Car Seat

Joie Bold ISOFIX Group 1/2/3 Child Car Seat

The Joie Bold is three seats in one intelligent design and will see your little one through their car journeys from nine months to 12 years old.

With the ability to alternate between group 1, 2 and 3 car seats, this Joie Car Seat is incredibly versatile and saves families money and time when shopping for an all-purpose car seat.

The Group 1 size range uses a 5-point harness to securely keep your child in place, with the option to use the 5-point harness all the way up to 25kgs of child weight, whilst Groups 2 and 3 features a belted booster.

For extra protection, the Joie Bold features side impact protection and Guard Surround Safety, which ensures your little one has all-round protection whilst travelling.

Forward facing, the Joie Bold also includes a Grow Together headrest and adjustable harness system, which allows parents to adjust the seat in order to match the size of your child as they grow.

With three different recline positions, adjustable head support and ventilation on either side of the shell of the car seat, your child will always be comfortable wherever you're travelling to.

For the ultimate car seat that will last for the duration of your child's whole car-seat life, the Joie Bold is the perfect choice.

Find out more about the Joie Bold ISOFIX Group 1/2/3 Child Car Seat online at Halfords today.

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Joie Traver Group 2 /3 Toddler Car Seat

Joie Traver Group 2/3 Toddler Car Seat

The Joie Traver Group 2/3 Toddler Car Seat is the perfect travel buddy for your family.

Suitable for children of three to 12 years old, this Joie Traver Car Seat features ISOSAFE attachments, which work by connecting with one click to lock the seat to the vehicle's ISOFIX points, securing the seat in place for the entire journey.

This car seat is perfect for your child's whole car-seat journey, thanks to the seven different height positions and adjustable seat depth, all of which can be done with one hand for ease and speed.

Packed with protection, the Guard Surround Safety™ side panels provide extra protection around the car seat, giving added security for your child's entire body whilst in the car, should it be needed.

The removable and breathable covers of the car seat are machine washable, so should any spills occur in the car, they're easy to clean up with a quick wash and dry.

Explore more features of the Joie Traver Group 2/3 Toddler Car Seat online at Halfords today.

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Joie i-Spin 360 i-Size Car Seat

Joie i-Spin 360 i-Size Car Seat

Easy to install with retractable ISOFIX, the Joie i-Spin 360 i-Size Car Seat is a 360-degree protector, allowing your little one to safely ride rear and front facing.

Suitable for rear-facing use from birth to four years, and forward facing from 15 months to four years, this Joie i-Spin Car Seat allows you to position your child in the car safely, thanks to the simple rotation for putting your child in and out of the car.

Featuring on-the-go reclining, which allows you to adjust the seat without removing it from the car and re-installing, and an installation indicator to confirm if the seat has been fitted correctly, it provides easy use for parents and ultimate comfort for your little one.

For extra safety, this Joie i-Spin also features a misuse proof mechanism, which ensures your child stays securely rear-facing until at least 15 months or 80-105cm in height.

Explore more features available with the Joie i-Spin 360 i-Size Car Seat online at Halfords today.

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