Kenwood Car Stereos

Kenwood Car Audio are the champions of sound for your car.

From in-car multimedia, to speakers and subwoofers and dash cameras, Kenwood Car products are nothing short of extraordinary.

Merging with The JVC Kenwood Corporation in 2008, Kenwood Speakers have been changing the way we listen to music and podcasts in our vehicles for over 10 years.

From interactive car systems such as Kenwood Bluetooth Car Stereos to subwoofers, Kenwood have transformed sound for vehicles around the world.

Check out our favourite Kenwood Car Stereos below.

Kenwood In-Car Audio

Kenwood In-Car Audio

Is there anything better than something custom fit for you?

Kenwood In-Car Audio systems offer a wide range of sat-nav and multimedia systems for you to choose from, based on your smartphone - Apple CarPlay for your iPhone, or Android Auto for other devices.

With these Kenwood Car Audio systems you’re able to access your music, navigational system and make phone calls, all from the touch of a button.

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Kenwood DMX CarPlay & Android Auto Car Stereo

This Android Auto Kenwood & CarPlay Kenwood device provides a convenient, accessible and simple in-car experience.

Connect either your Apple or Android device and access the majority of the features from within your phone on the incredibly clear 7-inch screen.

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DAB Kenwood Car Stereos

DAB Kenwood Car Radios

For a more traditional approach to your stereo sound, Kenwood offer a range of DAB Stereos that you can connect to your car.

Without the visual display element, these Kenwood Stereo Speakers offer Bluetooth connectivity to your music device, as well as access to localised DAB radio.

If you require Bluetooth compatible devices, the Kenwood KMM-504DAB Stereo is the device for you.

These devices offer handsfree calling options, wireless connectivity to your Android or iPhone, and USB and AUX charging ports. What more do you need?

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Kenwood Speakers & Subwoofers

Kenwood Speakers & Subwoofers

If you're looking for the ultimate sound in your vehicle, a Kenwood Speaker or Subwoofer will do the trick.

With tremendous bass capabilities and adjustable equalisers, the Kenwood Speaker range offers a mix of speakers and subwoofers for all requirements.

Discover our favourite Kenwood Speakers and subwoofers over on the right. below.

Kenwood Under-Seat Subwoofer

For the bass-lover, the Kenwood KSC-SW11 Under-Seat Subwoofer is the sound device you need.

Featuring a built-in amplifier, this Kenwood Subwoofer gives you a pure, clean bass sound, with 150W peak power.

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Kenwood Speakers

The Kenwood Stereo Speaker range features a variety of coaxial speakers, available in different sizes.

The larger the speaker, the more sound - and power - fills your car.

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Kenwood Dash Cams

Kenwood Dash Cams

The Kenwood In-Dash Car Stereo now has the amazing capability to link up to a Kenwood Dash Cam.

Amazing for safety and security, the Kenwood DVR-520 Dash Cam links directly into the DAB stereo, with recorded clips accessible via the screen’s interface in your car.

The camera set-up features can be operated by the touchscreen element of your in-car audio system screen and offers an advanced parking mode and built-in G sensor.

For safety and parking expertise, a Kenwood dash cam is the perfect car companion!

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