PETRONAS is the global lubricants manufacturing and marketing arm of PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI), the national oil corporation of Malaysia.

Founded in 2008, PETRONAS Lubricants International manufacturers a wide range of high-quality automotive and industrial lubricants, marketed to over 100 countries globally.

PETRONAS are the resource behind the partnership with the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team.

PETRONAS are responsible for the design, development and delivery of Fluid Technology Solutions, providing customised lubricants, fuel and transmission fluids to power the Silver Arrows.

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PETRONAS Syntium technology works deep into the heart of your engine.

The Syntium technology works to help your oil chain perform under extreme pressure, allowing it to withstand high temperatures and maintain a strong and stable protective film within the engine.

PETRONAS Syntium works to protect your car's vital components and ensure that power output and vehicle performance is maximised, to regulate your car at the perfect temperature.

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PETRONAS Syntium 3000 E

The PETRONAS Syntium 3000 E 5W-40 is suitable for all passenger cars, especially those ultimate performance models like Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

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PETRONAS Syntium 5000 AV

The PETRONAS Syntium 5000 AV 5W-30 Oil is specially formulated to provide drivers with outstanding protection for their engines.

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PETRONAS Syntium 7000 E

The PETRONAS Syntium 7000E 0W-30 Oil 5L is a mid SAPS oil, suitable for all types of passenger vehicles, helping increase fuel economy of your engine.

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PETRONAS Syntium 3000 FR

The PETRONAS Syntium 3000 FR 5W-30 Oil is suitable for all types of passenger cars, such as Ford or Renault engines, with either a petrol or diesel engine.

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PETRONAS Syntium 800

The PETRONAS Syntium 800 EU 10W-40 Oil provides incredible performance for your vehicle in all conditions.

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