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Ring Automotive

Ring Battery Chargers & Lighting

Ring specialises in high specification lighting and trade products for car enthusiasts and DIY lovers.

Designed with high specification in mind, Ring brings the professional and exceptional standards to all its products; whether that be Ring Battery Chargers or Ring LED Inspection Lamps, these products are made for those who love cars.

Ring was established in 1974, creating innovative and forward-thinking products - from tyre care to towing, there is a product for every professional's need.

Winning over 190 industry awards across Europe, you can rely on Ring for their high-quality products and fully-tested equipment.

In order to achieve high quality across all manufactured outputs, each product is tested at the Leeds-based headquarters to ensure these high standards are met for resilient, everyday use by professionals.

Discover our range of Ring Battery Chargers and Lighting at Halfords below.

Ring Battery Care

Ring Battery Care

Ring have a superb range of battery care products for your car.

Ring Battery Chargers and starters are ideal for car maintenance if you’re working on your vehicle - and can be also used in workshops too.

Discover our favourite Ring Battery Chargers below!

Ring 12A Smart Charger

The award-winning 12A Smart Charger is the ideal tool for car enthusiasts, with the fastest and most extensive charging for your car battery.

This Ring Battery Charger provides up to 12 amps, with a myriad of tests available in order to monitor your car battery’s health and efficiency, aiding in recharging and repairing your car battery.

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Ring RCB320 Battery Charger

The Ring RCB320 Battery Charger is a fully automatic battery charger, equipped with fast and slow charge rate settings.

With an easy-to-read ammeter and charging LEDS, the Ring 12V Battery Charger is a 20A metal case battery charger, featuring LEDs to enable you to monitor the charge of your car battery.

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Ring Inspection Lighting

Ring Inspection Lighting

Ring are market-leaders for inspection lighting products.

With a range of award-winning products available at Halfords, Ring’s range of inspection lights are trusted by professionals and motorists across Europe.

Check out our favourites over on the right. below.

Ring RIL3600HP MAGFlex Twist LED Inspection Lamp

If you're looking for a versatile and flexible inspection lamp, the MAGFlex Twist is the perfect product for you.

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Ring Utility LED Inspection Light

This Ring LED Lamp is a perfect assistant when you're on the job.

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Ring Mini LED Inspection Lamp

This Ring LED Lamp has all the functionality of a full-size inspection lamp, but is smaller!

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