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The experts at Ring Automotive  have been pushing the boundaries of lighting technology for over 40 years. Now the company has combined all its experience, knowledge and innovative thinking to offer motorists its best ever range of car bulbs: Ring Pro.

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About Ring Automotive

The Ring Automotive story began in 1974 when the company was founded in Leeds. Since then the company has developed a reputation for excellence and innovation, and become one of the leading European brands for vehicle lighting.

Ring Automotive has also claimed a number of world firsts over the years, such as being the first company to produce a super-powerful halogen car headlight bulb that burns 100% brighter than OE parts. That innovative spirit continues to this day, with Ring Pro’s new 200% brighter bulb, which is more powerful than its competitors and the longest-lasting xenon bulb on the market.

The company has won 190 product awards, and now offers over 300 different 12-bolt bulbs for use in all makes and models of car. Every year Ring Automotive ships over 30 million car bulbs to enthusiasts across the world. Ring Automotive car bulbs – like all Ring lighting products – are built to last, with every product tested for thousands of hours to ensure they perform day in and day out.

Introducing Ring Pro Bulbs

Ring Pro is an exciting new range of automotive bulbs that has been designed for all motorists. These Ring car bulbs will solve your lighting needs and give you the very best in automotive lighting technology so that you can enjoy driving and feel confident on the road.

Ring Pro bulbs are made to the exacting standards of Original Equipment (OE) bulbs, which means they’re equivalent to bulbs fitted on car production lines by vehicle manufacturers worldwide. Ring Pro provides all the benefits of an OE brand, without the expensive price tag, giving you confidence that you’re fitting the best. All Ring Pro products also go through a rigorous testing process that’s traceable, guaranteeing exceptional performance.

What Ring Pro car bulbs do I need?

Ring car bulbs are aftermarket replacements and performance upgrades that slot straight into the existing light fittings on your car. At Halfords, we stock a wide range of Ring Pro car bulbs that are suitable for 99% of car makes and models currently on the road.

To help you select the right Ring Pro car bulbs, use the Halfords car bulb finder. Just enter your vehicle’s registration number and you’ll see a selection of the available Ring Pro bulbs that are suitable.

Once you’ve found the right Ring Pro bulbs, we can fit them for you too. Our car bulb fitting service will install your new car bulbs while you wait, and all from just £5 per bulb. Just select this option during the online checkout process or ask in store when you collect your new car bulbs.


Finding the right car bulb can be confusing and time consuming. However, our handy online bulb finder will help you discover the right bulb for your vehicle, making life much easier. Simply type in your car registration and browse the available bulb options compatible with your vehicle. Our bulb finder tool can also be found in-store down the bulb aisle.

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Absolutely. Brighter bulbs are safer than standard car bulbs as they illuminate the road further, giving greater visibility to the driver. There are also plenty of regulations around bulbs, so if the product is from a reputable source and E-marked, you can be confident that the bulb is safe.

As the name suggests, 200% brighter bulbs place 200% more light on the road, allowing the light to project further, particularly helpful on unlit country roads. The main benefits of brighter bulbs:

  • Helps drivers spot road hazards and dangers sooner.
  • Safer and easier night-time driving.
  • Slightly whiter light gives better reflections from road signs and markings.
  • Completely road-legal and E marked.
  • Can be replaced with a standard bulb with no additional work.

Bulb brightness is all about how much light is emitted from the bulb. A brighter bulb is a safety benefit as it projects even more light onto the road, allowing drivers to see further.

Whiter bulbs are all about the colour of the light that is emitted. A whiter bulb is a more of a styling benefit that aims to replicate the look of natural light.

Ring Pro car bulbs are precision-engineered replacements that will deliver thousands of hours of performance. The exact lifespan of your Ring Pro bulb depends on the type of bulb you choose (halogen or xenon HID) and the amount that you use it.

Our Halfords car bulb fitting service will replace your car bulbs while you wait, at a lower cost than most main dealers or garages. We charge just £5 to replace a single interior or exterior bulb and £8 to swap a single headlight bulb. There’s no need to book; just visit your nearest Halfords store or garage to take advantage of our car bulb fitting service.