For over 40 years, Rolson Tools have built a reputation as a well-respected tool company, providing cutting edge products to the market at the right price.

With multiple ranges from cycling to gardening to security, Rolson stock over 1400 items.

They are continually developing exciting new products from their extensive product development programme.

Rolson Tools’ quality assurance team guarantee customers that their tools are fit for purpose and are made in environmentally and ethically approved facilities.

Suppling their products to a range of countries worldwide, Rolson are widely regarded as a top-quality producer of a range of must-have tools.

Explore our favourite Rolson products available from Halfords below.

Rolson Floor Mats

rolson floor mats

Rolson stock a range of floor mats, ideal for workshop and garage use, that can be used around your home and outdoors.

Check out our favourite Rolson products over on the right. below.

Rolson Floor Mat – Six Piece Set

Protect your floors and prevent yourself from slipping whilst working, thanks to these Rolson Interlocking Floor Mats.

The Rolson Six Piece Floor Mat Set is easy to clean and is water resistant for easy maintenance if you happen to spill anything whilst working.

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Rolson Floor Mats

A revolutionary multi-purpose non-slip mat, the Rolson Non-Slip Mat is a must-have for at-home work.

This Rolson Floor Mat grips and protects almost any surface and will not move once placed on the ground.

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Rolson Padlock

Rolson padlock


Keep your belongings safe, thanks to Rolson Padlock, which sounds an alarm if activated.

The twin two-tone alarm will sound for 10 seconds and will reset after 35 seconds without a trigger.

This Rolson Lock has a deep groove on the inside edge of the shackle, so that when it’s fitted, the lock of the alarm will be active in case anyone attempts to break it.

With three keys and six LR44 button cell batteries, the Rolson Padlock is an investment in protecting the things you value most.

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Rolson Digital Multimeter

ABUS uGrip Bordo 5700 Folding Lock


The Rolson Digital Multimeter is a great Rolson Tool to have at home, helping you check wattage, voltage, amps and circuits.

The premium cylinder featured within the design allows for high protection against manipulators, detering anyone from picking the lock open.

With seven functions and 19 ranges to cover, you’re able to check a range of resistances and batteries.

The Rolson Multimeter can test leads, low battery indicator, fuse protected super-sensitive metres and give transistor and continuity tests.

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Rolson Screwdriver Set

Rolson screwdriver set


For a screwdriver set that does it all, check out this Rolson quality tool kit.

The 44-Piece Rolson Screwdriver Bit and Hex Key Set covers the majority of uses for a screwdriver set.

All screwdrivers have a soft grip ratchet handle to enable easy grip and comfort and is a must-have for at-home DIY projects.

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Rolson Glue Gun

Rolson Glue Gun


Designed to provide an easy way to bond materials together, the Rolson Glue Gun is a simple mini product, perfect for all DIY enthusiasts.

The premium cylinder featured within the design allows for high protection against manipulators, detering anyone from picking the lock open.

The Rolson Glue Gun has dual temperature settings, providing high temperatures for hard materials, ceramics and glass, whereas the lower temperature is perfect for gluing card, fabric, foam and delicate materials.

The level feed provides the user with precise control, and the fold out stand allows you to stay safe and store the gun easily when not in use or if the tool is still hot.

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Rolson Tape Measure

Rolson Tape Measure


The five-metre Rolson Tape Measure is an easy-to-read 19mm wide tape measure.

The versatile belt clip allows you to clip the Rolson Tape Measure onto your tool belt whilst you’re working, so you won’t lose it and can grab it at a moment’s notice.

Perfect for when your hands are full, this five metre Rolson Tape Measure is your best friend for your next at-home DIY project.

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