Driving lubricants innovation for all types of engines

Quartz deals with the demands of a diversified customer base every day. From motorsports teams and top racers to real-life experts, such as manufacturers and mechanics, our oil is tailored to meet all customer needs.

Quartz engineers have capitalized on 70 years of experience to design formulas with unprecedented molecular interactions. Each product contains specific hyperactive molecules that create the desired effect: Quartz series are empowered with the newest technologies.

Thanks to a long history of bold R&D, our Quartz engine oils exceed even the most demanding requirements of car manufacturers. Quartz products are tested and approved by Major Automobile Manufacturers (Original Equipment Manufacturers – OEMs). These product approvals are the official guarantee proving that Quartz products are 100% compatible with the equipment and technology of these related manufacturers.

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Quartz Ineo range

SQuartz Ineo range

Quartz Ineo is our top tier range specially formulated for vehicles equipped with particulate filters, and more largely recommend

Quartz Ineo range, with Age-Resistance technology offers unbeatable engine protection. Its unique combination of hyperactive molecules creates a strong thick oil film on all concerned engine parts. Engines are absolutely protected against a variety of challenges, from wear to oil oxidation even at extreme temperatures.



TotalEnergies Quartz Ineo Long Life 5W-30 comes in a 5 litre bottle and 1 litre bottle

Excellent resistance to temperature variations guarantees the longevity of engine parts and optimal performance level under all circumstances.

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TotalEnergies Quartz Ineo MC3 5W-30 comes in a 1 litre bottle

Extends the service life of post-treatment systems by preventing DPFs and three-way catalytic converters from clogging and filling.

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Quartz 9000 range

Demon Wheels
Quartz 9000 is our top tier range composed of products designed for vehicles not equipped with particulate filters, offering a wide scope of use. Quartz 9000 products are developed to provide your engine with the highest level of protection, performance and durability.

Quartz 9000 range relies on the exclusive Age-Resistance technology. Quartz 9000, with Age-Resistance technology provides ultimate protection against mechanical wear or extreme temperatures, and outstanding engine performance throughout its lifespan, even under frequent stop and start conditions.


QUARTZ 9000 NFC 5W-30

TotalEnergies Quartz 9000 NFC 5W-30 comes in a 5 litre bottle and 1 litre bottle

Synthetic technology engine oil that has been developed to cover the most stringent requirements of both gasoline and Diesel engines. Motor oil particularly suited to turbocharged, multi-valve and direct injection engines.

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QUARTZ 9000 NFC 5W-40

TotalEnergies Quartz 9000 5W-40 comes in a 5 litre bottle and 1 litre bottle

Antiwear protection: this synthetic engine oil ensures optimum engine longevity with its antiwear properties that protect the engine’s most sensitive parts.

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