Our Commitment to Quality

Our Commitment to Quality

At Halfords Autocentres we are dedicated to giving you the best possible service when you visit us.

Whether you have come for a Service, MOT, Tyres or Repair work, our expert IMI accredited technicians will look after you and your car, to the highest standard.

As part of our commitment to providing high quality, we carry out mandatory checks on our own work, at all services, to make sure the work has been completed to a high standard.

This includes checking:

  • That the oil filter is correctly fitted with no leaks
  • An engine sump plug has been fitted with a new seal, or has been replaced
  • All wheels have been fitted and tightened by the technicians to the manufacturers' specification and procedure
  • All vehicles where wheels have been removed are road tested, followed by the wheel torques being rechecked

To ensure the work we do is of a high quality, we also carry out random checks on our technicians at least once a week, and use an external mystery shopping service.

We believe everyone in the company is responsible for quality, so we've trained our leadership team to carry out spot checks on completed work, when they are on site visits.

We asked the Retail Motor Industry Federation to carry out an independent review of our quality control procedures and it found our policies were at a robust level when compared to the market.

Training and Skills

As a company we invest heavily in training and skills. As an IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) Approved Training Centre and Recognised Training Employer, we deliver our own industry accredited qualifications.

We have four academies to train technicians and we are growing our apprentice numbers each year, ensuring the next generation of technicians have the necessary skills to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing industry.

However we recognise our apprentices are on a journey, so all first and second year apprentices and trainees are closely supervised. Every job they are involved in is quality checked, and any work they do is also quality checked and recorded. Third year Apprentices' work is checked at least five times a week, in addition to the normal quality controls.