Prepare For Your Getaway

Holidays are an exciting time for all, however it is essential that you prepare yourself and your vehicle for the journey ahead. Highways England traffic officers attend more than 85,000 breakdowns every year on Britain's motorways and trunk roads. To avoid becoming another breakdown statistic, read our advice to help you successfully reach your destination.

Brakes do the hard job of stopping your car, so keeping them in excellent condition is critical. Some signs your brakes may need attention include squealing or grinding noises coming from your brakes. The brake pedal may feel soft or spongy, or there may be a warning light on your dashboard.

Even if you’re not experiencing an issue now, a brake check can provide peace of mind and an early warning on any emerging issues.

This Easter, don't be a part of the 7,000 fuel breakdown incidents reported by Highways England.

As the driver, it is your responsibility to check your fuel levels before setting off. If you hit an unexpected Easter traffic jam and your fuel warning light shows on your dashboard, don't panic - you won't run out of fuel immediately. Every vehicle has a reserve built in, so ensure you know your fuel range by searching in your vehicle's handbook. Continuing to drive with your fuel light on will pick up debris at the bottom of the tank which can resultantly damage your fuel filter and pump. Therefore, we advise filling up at your nearest petrol station.

Not only should you check your tyres before setting off on your Easter journey, but it is also so important to assess your tyre's tread and pressure, regularly.

Your tyre's tread keeps your tyre in contact with the road - as your tyre wears, your grip decreases which means longer stopping distances. In our recent Roadworthy Quiz, we found that 40% of respondents didn't know that the minimum legal tyre tread depth is 1.6mm. If you are driving with illegal tyres, this could result in a £2,500 fine and points on your licence; therefore, make sure you are aware of how to how to check your tyre's tread depth.

The oil in your car lubricates, cleans, cools and protects the moving parts of your engine - preventing your vehicle from breaking down. Checking the oil is one of the most important checks you can do to prepare for your Easter getaway. If you are unsure on how to do this, take a look at our guide. Top Tip: your oil level should be between the minimum and maximum levels.

To avoid having to hop to your destination this Easter, you need to be confident your battery is in good health.

Your battery is responsible for a number of components including your car's computer, ignition and radio, so if it fails, your car will grind to a halt. If you're having difficulty starting your car, a battery warning symbol has appeared on your dashboard or you are experiencing a loss of electrical power, this could indicate that your battery needs replacing. For peace of mind this Easter, visit your local, friendly garage for a Free Battery Check, so our expert technicians can check your battery's key health indicators.