Hybrid Car Servicing

So, you’ve invested in a hybrid and need to get it serviced – bring it to Halfords. Our highly trained technicians can service all hybrid models from all manufacturers.

We offer hybrid car drivers a range of service options to choose from, including Interim, Full and Major hybrid service packages. Our 300+ autocentres carry the latest tools, tech and equipment, meaning our expert technicians work efficiently and effectively.

The standard mechanical checks on the brakes, steering, suspension and more are the same for all types of cars. However, hybrid vehicles have specific service requirements for the brakes, fluids, charging equipment and coolant.

Here’s what’s included in our hybrid car servicing packages:

  • Interim Hybrid Service – 6-month vehicle service
    This 54-point service is designed for the high-mileage hybrid car driver, or for vehicles where the manufacturer recommends more frequent checks between annual services. Every interim service includes an oil and filter change, top ups of essential fluids, as well as brake, steering and suspension checks (performed by removing the wheels). We recommend this interim service is performed every 6 months for drivers covering over 12,000 miles a year.
  • Full Hybrid Service – 12-month service
    This is a comprehensive annual service for trouble free motoring. It exceeds most manufacturers' hybrid service schedules. Each full service includes 81 checks and adjustments, including an air filter change, topping up all fluids (brake fluid, power steering fluid and coolant). We only use the best quality parts, and check and record wear and tear items using a colour code reporting system, to give you total peace of mind. We recommend every vehicle has a full service every year (unless having a major service).
  • Major Hybrid Service – 24-month vehicle servic
    This comprehensive service covers all areas of essential maintenance, as well as some added extras including replacement brake fluid and cabin filters. We recommend every hybrid car receives a major service every 2 years.

Safe, reliable and speedy charging is critical, so during each service we check the condition and performance of your hybrid car, including:

  • A diagnostic hybrid battery health check
  • A charging port and high voltage cables check
  • Inverter coolant check
  • Brake binding check

Still need more information? Check out our checklist to see what’s included in every Halfords hybrid car service.

Yes. We invest in training to ensure our technicians are capable and confident working on the latest vehicles, including hybrids.

High-voltage systems inside hybrids can be dangerous, so every Halfords technician receives a rigorous training programme on how to work with service and repair hybrid vehicles to the same standards are main dealer garages.

Our Hybrid car service packages start at just £89. To get an accurate estimate for your car, visit our Hybrid Servicing page, enter some details about your car and select your chosen hybrid service.

Hybrid vehicles should be serviced as regularly as a petrol- or diesel-powered car. That means at least once a year for most drivers, with high-mileage drivers encouraged to have an interim service if you’re doing more.

Check your car’s handbook to learn about your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule or speak to one of our technicians who can help.