Carrera Subway with Heated Grips

With the nights drawing in and the temperature gradually dropping to the point where the word 'parky' can get an outing again, cyclists up and down the country will be breaking out the gloves, overshoes and fleecy waterproofs and suddenly charging their lights more often than usual.

Even the most hardened cyclists can have a tough time fighting against the wind and rain on the way to work as the ice and sleet sets in, making winter probably the worst season for those who like to get around by bike.

So instead of whining about the cold and relegating themselves to the turbo trainer in the spare bedroom, the team at Halfords decided it was time to take a swipe back at winter.

Warm hands, warm heart

You may have heard of heated handlebars on motorbikes, so why can't cyclists keep their fingers toasty on frosty days? The AW uses innovative heated handlebar grips that contain a small battery, providing up to two hours of warmth from a two hour charge. They will also radiate heat through gloves. Say goodbye to frozen pinkies, even when the windchill kicks in!

The prefect bike for cold weather

The Carrera Subway AW (All-Weather) is the result of many cold winter mornings and commutes on dark roads, with plenty of traffic to contend with. Cycling on darker nights and mornings isn't just made hard by the cold weather and road conditions, but also the fact cycling at night is more dangerous. Cyclists can sometimes be put off by bad weather or poor light for both safety and comfort reasons, so the AW is all about making life a lot easier and safer for both commuters and leisure cyclists in the winter months.

Bright and visible

One of the best ways of decreasing your chances of having an accident on the road at any time year is to make yourself as visible as possible to other road users. Hi-vis jackets, reflectors and of course bike lights can be used strategically to help you stand out on dark roads or paths, but the AW goes one step further with reflective decals and tyre side walls all over the bike. When streetlights or headlights hit the bike's frame, the bike itself reflects the light back, giving drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists a better chance of avoiding you!

Alongside the ultra-reflective decals, the AW comes with USB-rechargeable lights that fit neatly onto the handlebars and saddle, so you won't need to go out and buy a set.

Designed for winter

Cycling in winter can leave you wet and mucky, especially if it’s snowing or raining. The AW helps to keep spray and muck away from the rider with full-coverage mudguards, along with grippy puncture-resistant tyres that will keep you upright on slippery and muddy surfaces. These add-ons turn the already excellent Subway into the ultimate hybrid bike for winter!

If you're tired of battling your way into the office on your old bike, or you don't like the thought of leaving a warm living room for a Sunday ride, the excellent AW will go some way to combating many cyclist's winter woes. You'll also get a lifetime guarantee on the bike’s frame, alongside replaceable parts and batteries for the lights and handlebars, making this a great long-term investment. Remember, you can ride the AW all year round too, making this an excellent choice if you're looking for a great all-rounder that can handle the UK's wild weather.