Environmental benefits of electric bikes

Travelling by electric bike isn’t just faster and more fun than commuting by car, it can have a positive environmental impact too. Electric bikes are zero-emission vehicles, which means every time you pedal, you’re being kinder to the planet.

If you’re looking for a reason to make a positive change, here are some of the environmental benefits of electric bikes. 

Environmental Impact

Our streets are becoming more and more congested, with the average Brit wasting an incredible 115 hours a year stuck in traffic. Electric bikes are making two-wheeled travel a serious option for commuters, who can benefit from battery powered assistance. Swapping your car for an electric bike might seem extreme, but it’s a highly logical choice that’s better for you, your health and your wallet.

So, how do electric bikes and cars compare? An electric bike emits no pollution and creates no noise, and zero-emission vehicles are the future for travel as we adapt to climate change. More cycling means fewer overall emissions and a welcome reduction in traffic (and traffic jams). E-bikes also cause less damage to the road surface, which translates into fewer road closures. 

Even travelling to work once a week on an e-bike can have a positive impact on the planet. Sure, electric bikes need to be charged, but the energy required to power a bike battery is minimal – particularly when compared to the power needed for a motorcycle or a car. And with more and more of the UK’s energy being produced from sustainable sources, it’s an environmental win-win. 

Your electric bike is designed to be used for years and can be serviced maintained and repaired quickly. Even the battery can be replaced. Once it’s come to the end of its life, every part can be reused and recycled.

When riding an electric bike, you’ll still need to pedal, meaning you’ll be exercising which can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health.

Best bikes

At Halfords, we stock a range of electric bikes for all budgets. There’s a lot to consider when selecting an electric bike, but the best place to start is with our E-bikes Buyer’s Guide.

Whether you’re looking for an electric folding bike, electric road bike, hybrid bike or even mountain bike, you’ll find it at your local Halfords. We always have plenty stock of electric bikes from brands you can trust, such as Carrera, Raleigh and Boardman.

Here is a selection of our favourites.

Top-rated electric bike: Carrera Subway Men’s Electric Hybrid Bike

The Carrera Subway is a favourite among buyers who love its long-range. On a single charge, the Subway will propel you up to 60 miles, with its sturdy 317Wh battery reaching a top speed of 15.5mph. It’s a hybrid bike, which means it’s ideal for commuting, with rugged Tektro disc brakes and high-performance Shimano Altus gears rounding off this superb package.

Best-selling electric bike: Carrera Vengeance E Men’s Electric Mountain Bike

Our best-selling e-bike is the Carrera Vengeance, a monster of a mountain bike.

Loved by the bike-press and riders alike, the Vengeance provides up to 40 miles of power and can be recharged in around 4 hours. A Suntour XCT coil suspension and 27.5” Kenda tyres will soak up the bumps, Tektro disc brakes will provide the stopping power, and the 8-speed SRAM gears keep you moving forward, faster.

Performance power: Boardman ADV 8.9E Men’s Adventure Electric Bike

Our top-of-the-range Boardman ADV 8.9E E-bike delivers incredible performance from a race-ready package.

A rapid-charging battery will be fully topped-up in just 3 hours and will deliver up to 60 miles of power. Weighing in at just 15.5kg, the lightweight Fazua Evation drive system delivers heavyweight performance, powering you up hills and along straights with smooth assistance. It’s pannier- and mudguard-ready, making it the ideal city commuter for those who want to make a statement. Exclusively available at Halfords.

Mile Muncher: Raleigh Felix+ Nexus Hub Step-through Electric Hybrid Bike

The Raleigh Felix+ Nexus Hub is a super city step-through that’s designed for mile-after-mile of comfortable commuting.

The Bosch Active Line Plus Mid Drive motor delivers up to 75 miles of power, which should be more than enough for most. It’s specced for the city, with mudguards, pannier racks, a kickstand and integrated lights. Step through, pedal off, and enjoy the roads.

Electric Bike Servicing

To keep you moving you’ll need to ensure your battery is regularly topped up, but there’s more to performance than power. It’s crucial that your electric bike is serviced regularly to ensure it remains in tip-top condition. 

There is much you can do at home with some time and standard tools, but sometimes, you’ll need an expert opinion – so come to Halfords. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve bought your bike from Halfords or not, we offer a range of electric bike servicing packages. We offer three different service packages that will tackle the technical and master the mechanical aspects of your bike. 

The best place to start is by booking a free bike health check. A fully qualified mechanic will perform a 32-point inspection on your bike and advise you of any issues that need to be taken care of. If any problems are found, you can then rely on our range of bike services to get you back on two wheels.

Is an electric bike right for you?

At Halfords, the car will always have a place in our heart and, for many, is still the only choice they have for getting around. But for those who are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative, an electric bike is worth considering. 

You get all the benefits of a standard bike with the added benefit of an emissions-free motor. If you’re still not sure whether an electric bike is for you, why not visit your local Halfords store and arrange a free, no-obligation test ride? We’re 100% sure you’ll love it. 

There you have it, everything you need to know about the environmental benefits of electric bikes. To discover more about electric bikes, head over to our Electrification Hub. Or, why not explore our full range of e-bikes over at Halfords.com.