Environmental benefits of electric bikes

Electric bikes are more popular than ever – and for good reason! Packed with powerful motors, they’re do-it-all machines that can help you exercise, commute or simply get around, all with that added boost. The benefits don’t end there, though, and electric bikes are also incredibly eco-friendly.

Electric bikes are zero-emission vehicles, which means every time you pedal, you’re being kinder to the planet. And with more and more cities introducing clean air zones, there’s never been a better time to go green and invest in an e-bike.

In this guide, we’ll cover the environmental benefits of electric bikes.

e-bikes create less pollution

With our streets becoming more and more congested, we all waste a significant amount of time stuck in traffic, creating high levels of pollution. As a result, e-bikes are much more eco-friendly than other vehicles, making them a serious option for commuters.

Electric bikes are zero-emission vehicles – that means they emit no tailpipe emissions and also create no noise. Motor vehicles, on the other hand, account for a fifth of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. And with the government’s aim to reduce all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, eco-friendly modes of transport like electric bikes are the future!

On an e-bike, you can easily navigate around any traffic, which not only reduces stress when commuting but can often make your commute faster. Cyclists can benefit from the battery-powered assistance of e-bikes and travel safe in the knowledge that they’re releasing no tail-pipe emissions. With no fuel costs or congestion charges, riding an e-bike can also be better for your wallet.

E-bike production releases less Co2

But what about the pollution caused during the production of a bicycle? The European Cyclist’s Federation (ECF) conducted a study into this, calculating the full carbon footprint of various modes of transport. Their study accounted for various things, including the production of a bike and detailed aspects such as the C02 released in the production of food, as cyclists consume more due to exercising.

They found that, even with these factors, cycling only releases roughly 21 grams of C02e per passenger kilometre travelled, compared with 271 grams of C02e per passenger kilometre in a car.

So, whichever way you look at it, a bike is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint!

E-bike batteries require minimal power

Even travelling to work once a week on an e-bike can have a positive impact on the planet. Sure, electric bikes need to be charged, but the energy required to power a bike battery is minimal – particularly when compared to the power needed for a motorcycle or a car. And with more and more of the UK’s energy being produced from sustainable sources, it’s an environmental win-win.

Your electric bike is designed to be used for years and can be serviced maintained and repaired quickly. Even the battery can be replaced. Once it’s come to the end of its life, every part can be reused and recycled.

Want to find out how much of a difference cycling could make to your commute? Head over to our Cyculator tool to find out how much a commute by bike could save you annually.

Best electric bikes

Ready to make the eco-friendly transition to an e-bike? Great, all that’s left to do is find the perfect bike!

Luckily, choosing an electric bike has never been easier. There are so many different types, sizes, battery ranges and motors on offer, there’s sure to be the perfect option for your needs. To help you find your ideal bike, we’ve pulled together a handy Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide.

Plus, here at Halfords, we stock a wide range of e-bikes all from top brands including Carrera, Raleigh, Boardman and Voodoo. So, whether you want an electric road bike, electric hybrid bike or an electric folding bike, you’ll find the perfect option over at Halfords.com.

To give you a taste of what’s on offer, here’s just a few of our favourites:

Top-rated electric bike: Carrera Subway Men’s Electric Hybrid Bike

Carrera is one of the UK’s most loved bike brands, and for good reason! Carrera bikes are packed with great technology, all at an amazing price point, and their e-bikes are no different.

Our top-rated e-bike, the Carrera Subway is a favourite among buyers who love its long-range. On a single charge, the Subway will propel you up to 40 miles, with its sturdy 317Wh battery reaching a top speed of 15.5mph. It’s a hybrid bike, which means it’s ideal for commuting, with rugged Tektro disc brakes and high-performance Shimano Altus gears rounding off this superb package.

Best-selling electric bike: Carrera Vengeance E Men’s Electric Mountain Bike

Our best-selling e-bike is the Carrera Vengeance, a monster of a mountain bike.

Loved by the bike-press and riders alike, the Vengeance provides up to 40 miles of power and can be recharged in around four hours. A Suntour XCT coil suspension and 27.5” Kenda tyres will soak up the bumps, Tektro disc brakes will provide the stopping power, and the 8-speed SRAM gears keep you moving forward, faster.

Performance power: Boardman ADV 8.9E Men’s Adventure Electric Bike

Our top-of-the-range Boardman ADV 8.9E E-bike delivers incredible performance from a race-ready package.

A rapid-charging battery will be fully topped-up in just three hours and will deliver up to 60 miles of power. Weighing in at just 16kg, the lightweight Fazua Evation drive system delivers heavyweight performance, powering you up hills and along straights with smooth assistance. It’s pannier- and mudguard-ready, making it the ideal city commuter for those who want to make a statement.

Electric Bike Servicing

If you want to help the environment, you’ll need to keep your e-bike in tip-top condition so you can ride it as much as possible – and that includes regular servicing.

There is lots you can do at home with some time and standard tools, but sometimes, you’ll need an expert opinion – so come to Halfords. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve bought your bike from Halfords or not, we offer a range of electric bike servicing packages. We offer three different service packages that will tackle the technical and master the mechanical aspects of your bike. 

The best place to start is by booking a free bike health check. A fully qualified mechanic will perform a 32-point inspection on your bike and advise you of any issues that need to be taken care of. If any problems are found, you can then rely on our range of bike services to get you back on two wheels in no time.

Is an electric bike right for you?

For most people, an electric bike is a genuine alternative to a car. They’re eco-friendly, convenient to use and the added boost will help you overcome any fitness concerns you might have – meaning there’s no need to worry about any pesky hills or the distance.

Still need a little convincing? Head over to our electric bike advice articles to learn more and to find the perfect electric bike for your needs.

There you have it, everything you need to know about the environmental benefits of electric bikes. To discover more about the benefits of electric bikes, head over to our Electrification Hub. Or, why not explore our full range of e-bikes over at Halfords.com.