How to set up your Carrera Impel is-1 electric scooter

Once your new Carrera Impel is-1 electric scooter arrives, you’ll be eager to head out for a test ride. Before you do, you’ll need to make sure the e-scooter is correctly assembled and gain an understanding of how to operate it.

To help, we’ve pulled together this handy guide.

What you’ll need

Before starting, open up the box and make sure all the parts are present. There should be:

  • The scooter
  • A charger
  • A user manual
  • An inflation adapter
  • Four bolts
  • An allen key tool

Once you’ve checked that everything’s there, find somewhere with plenty of space as this will make the assembly process easier.


Assembling your new e-scooter shouldn’t take long and all you’ll need to do is attach the handlebar and fit the brakes. Here’s how:

Fitting the handlebar

Start by removing the scooter from the box and unfold the handlebars. To fit the handlebar to the scooter, carefully position the collar and connect any electrical wires. Then, insert the handlebars making sure that the screw holes align – you can then fix it into place using the provided screws.

Fit the brakes

It’s now time to fit the brake cables. Each brake cable is labelled and should be easily identifiable.

Starting by pulling the brake lever – this will expose the hole that will hold the cable end. Insert the cable end and release the brake lever. You then need to pull the cable around the other side of the brake lever and insert it.

Once done, repeat this on the other brake. For more guidance, check out our ‘how to’ video at the top of this page.

Operating your e-scooter

Before going for a spin, make sure you’re familiar with the scooter’s controls.

Turning the scooter on

You can turn your scooter on through the power button on the handlebar.

The scooter is protected by an electronic pin lock. You can unlock this by entering the default code using the + button to select the digit, and the power button to move onto the next digit. Once all 3 digits have been entered, press the power button twice.

Once you’ve finished with the scooter, it can be turned off by holding the power button down.

Choosing the speed level

Your Impel is-1 has four speed levels and will automatically start in level one. To change the speed level, use the +/- button - you will need to be in level 4 to reach the scooter’s maximum speed.

To help get used to the electric scooter, we recommend practising in the lower levels when using the scooter for the first time.

Charging your electric scooter

The charge level is shown on the display and you should fully charge your scooter before first use.

To charge the scooter, lift the rubber cap and insert the charger (provided in the box). Once charged, remove the charger and make sure you replace the rubber cap.


The Carrera Impel is-1 also comes with bright LED lights, brake lights and reflectors for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions.

To turn the lights on and off, press and hold the + button for two seconds. Pressing either brake lever will turn on the brake light.


Brakes are critically important, and the Carrera e-scooter is fitted with powerful disc brakes. Like when riding a bike, you need to engage the brakes gradually and always the rear one first. We recommend getting used to the brakes by riding in the lower speed levels first.

Riding the e-scooter

With everything set up, it’s time to go for your first ride.

Start by turning the scooter on, entering the pin and choosing your speed mode. When you’re ready to move, the speed can be controlled using the thumb throttle. It’s important to remember that you need to kick off a couple of times before engaging the throttle - so get moving before trying to accelerate.

Finally, to stop, simply pull the brake levers.

There you have it, everything you need to know about setting up your new e-scooter. If you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty, don’t worry! Simply bring your scooter to your nearest Halfords store and a member of the team will be happy to help.

You can also find lots of accessories for your e-scooter over at