Free Pre-Service Bike Assessment

Free Pre-Service Bike Assessment
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Free Pre-Service Bike Assessment


  • Pre Gold or Platinum service assessment
  • Bike fully checked before completing the service
  • No obligation estimate for any additional repairs needed

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Free Pre-Service Bike Assessment
Free Pre-Service Bike Assessment

Booking your Free Pre-Service Bike Assessment with Halfords

  • We pre-service assess all bikes*: from kids to adults, any size and discipline
  • Carried out by a fully trained technician while you wait, and can take up to 30 minutes​
  • We need to ensure any parts required are available before completing a gold or platinum service

*E-Bikes: To ensure the safety of customers and colleagues we only repair recognised E-Bike brands that meet EAPC guidelines. We also cannot repair any E-bikes that have been modified in any way or where the battery appears to be damaged.


Free Pre-Service Bike Assessment

Before carrying out a gold or platinum service we need to fully check your bike. Our trained technicians will establish what work is required and if any parts need to be ordered before work can begin.

We’ll spot any problems before they develop into bigger ones and give you a no obligation estimate for any additional repair work not covered by a gold or silver service that we believe is needed to keep you safe on the road.

What's included?

With our Free Pre-Service Bike Assessment we inspect points across all key areas of your bike. These include:

  • Frame, Saddle and Handlebars
  • Wheels; Tyres, Rims, Spokes and Hubs
  • Brake system; Levers, Calipers, Pads and Cables
  • Drivetrain; Gears, Levers, Chain, Bottom Bracket, Cranks and Cables
  • A visual check for all e-bike electrical components to highlight any physical damage that may affect performance

Gold Service

Our Gold service takes approximately 90 minutes and includes an 18-part service and adjustment process including a brake and gear service where we’ll replace inner and outer gear and brake cables, lubricate, adjust and align the gears and check and lubricate the drivetrain. (You’ll save £10 on a hydraulic brake bleed if it’s required, only £15 with a gold service). Regularly used bikes build up a lot of dirt and grime on the chain, so we’ll also remove and deep clean your chain in our parts washer.

In addition, we’ll check for any signs of wear or damage, and if we find any essential wearable parts need replacing (this covers your brake pads, levers, chain, inner tube, tyres, freewheel, gear shifter or hanger & more) we’ll fit 2 new parts for no extra charge.

  • 18-part service & adjustment
  • Fit, set up & lubricate new inner and outer gear/brake cables
  • Wearable parts checked and 2 new parts fitted
  • Chain deep cleaned with our parts washer & lubricated
  • Wipe down frame, forks, and wheels
  • Check tyre condition and inflate to the correct pressure
  • Tighten handlebar clamp and all handlebar-mounted controls
  • Tighten both crank arms to manufacturer's limits
  • Check and tighten seat post and saddle to manufacturer's limits
  • True (straighten) both wheels

Platinum Service

Our platinum service takes approximately 120 minutes and includes a strip down of the bike to it’s frame and bottom bracket. We’ll replace your inner and outer cables as part of a brake and gear service, and key parts will be thoroughly cleaned in our parts washer, ready to be fitted, lubricated, and set up to run like new.

If we find any parts need replacing, we’ll fit them for no additional charge. If we find any additional repair work that’s needed, we’ll give you a no-obligation estimate to complete the work.

  • All parts service & adjustment
  • Strip down to frame and bottom bracket with parts machine-washed & degreased*
  • Free fitting on ALL parts (cost of parts not included)
  • Chain deep cleaned and wipe down of frame, forks, and wheels 
  • Check tyre condition and inflate to the corre