Prologo Dimension AGX Tirox Saddle

Prologo Dimension AGX Tirox Saddle
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Prologo Dimension AGX Tirox Saddle

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  • AGX saddle for multiple uses
  • Tirox Rail
  • PAS channel

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Prologo Dimension AGX Tirox Saddle
Prologo Dimension AGX Tirox Saddle
From £103.11
Please select a variation to see the final price

Prologo Dimension AGX Tirox Saddle

  • Size: 245x143mm/245x153mm
  • Weight: 187g/219g
  • Rail: TiroX Alloy 7mm
  • Cover: Microfibre
  • Padding: Light foam
  • Colour: Black
Prologo's task for the Dimension saddle range was to create an innovative product in terms of design, size, comfort and performance.

The Dimension Space saddle is at the cutting edge of Prologo's vision. It's the result of intricate and careful analysis of every little detail, to make this the most advanced and anatomically comfortable saddle that has ever been made.

The Dimension name alone exemplifies just how important this project is, Prologo's task for this saddle was to create an innovative product in terms of design, size, comfort and performance. Thus, Comfort, performance, lightness and prevention of perineal area problems are its strengths. The Dimension has also been designed to be a truly unisex saddle, providing pressure relieving benefits to both female and male riders.

AGX simply stands for 'Adventure, Gravel and Cyclocross' and this saddle is for those and more.

The design and size are engineered specifically for comfort when on the drops and for aggressive riding. It's not just comfort that this saddle has to offer though. Top-end performance and lightweight components mean this saddle is just about ready for anything. At only 187g (143mm) it's a lightweight and ergonomic saddle for high-end users. The increased 143mm or 153mm width, helps to distribute the weight of athletes over a larger surface, ensuring greater comfort over a longer period of time, and a short nose (3-3.5cm shorter than a traditional saddle) to eliminate any sort of contact and pressure in the front area, especially when on the drops.

The wide anatomical PAS channel runs through the saddle along its central axis, reducing the contact and compression of soft tissues and tendons. The PAS system, is a channel in the base of the saddle. The hole or channel helps to maximises blood flow and supports the pelvic area while also preventing pressure peaks. This is a system researched, designed and developed to eliminate pressure and numbness to areas that need it most. The PAS Technology is achieved by a particular anatomical design of the foam and base. The performance and durability are guaranteed thanks to the unchanged integrity of the base.

The Dimension TiroX saddle uses a TiroX Rail which is made using light-alloy steel. TiroX provides the rails with the necessary stiffness to be able to handle the large amounts of force that's created from pedalling. The specific steel is derived from aerospace and aeronautic industries. The TiroX rail is well balanced and is the best compromise between weight and rigidity.