A car warranty protects you against costs for both parts and labour after a mechanical or electrical failure in your vehicle. They can be supplied or sold by manufacturers and retailers alike, as well as third-party car warranty providers and insurance companies. Protection from car warranties in the UK often varies according to the terms of the agreement and depends on the car owner maintaining their vehicle to manufacturer specifications. Click here to get a quote.

  • All of our items come with a 12 month warranty as standard, but some of our products come with an extended warranty period. If you have any questions, please contact your local store.
  • If you do need to return a faulty product to store, don’t forget your proof of purchase. We may need to verify the serial number on your receipt against the serial number on the item being returned.

If you do have to exchange an item that has a valid warranty, you are not issued with a new warranty. Instead the original warranty continues. For example, if you were to bring back a faulty stereo after eight months and it has a 12-month warranty, the new stereo (providing it’s the same model) will be covered under the original warranty for the remaining four months - it will not have a 12-month warranty of its own. This does not affect your statutory rights at all. If for any reason the second item develops a fault after six months when the original warranty will have expired, you should still be able to make a claim with us under the Consumer Rights Act if need be.

All of our batteries come with a warranty, and the length of this warranty is printed on the label on the front of the battery, whether it be for 3, 4 or 5 years, or a Lifetime warranty. Please bear in mind that Lifetime warranty refers to the lifetime of the vehicle and not the customer, and only applies to the battery supplied. Batteries used in a commercial or professional application, such as taxis, driving instructors, emergency services, works vehicles, etc., are not covered by the full term of the warranty but instead come with a 6 month warranty. Motorbike and scooter batteries are covered by a 12 month warranty.

This warranty applies to all own brand bikes purchased from the 1st January 2018. For bikes purchased before this date please refer to your manual.

Here at Halfords we take pride in the bikes we design, build and sell and are happy that all of our bikes are of the highest quality. That's why we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the frame and rigid forks of all Halfords and Halfords exclusive brand's for the original owner. This means that whether you purchase an Apollo, Boardman, Voodoo, Carrera, Indi or Pendleton from Halfords, we will replace the frame and/or forks free of charge if there is a manufacturing defect for the entire time you own the bike. On top of this, we also cover all other components on the bike for 1 year unless the manufacturer states otherwise.

Halfords Lifetime Guarantee

Our Limited Lifetime Cycle Guarantee includes free replacement of the frame and rigid forks of all Halfords and Halfords exclusive brands for the original owner.

Our Guarantee is non-transferable.

For any of our own brand bikes, providing the damage was down to a manufacturing defect, you can enjoy a lifetime of cover and a peace of mind.

On top of this, we also cover all other components on the bike for 1 year unless the manufacturer states otherwise.  

What's not covered?

It's important to understand that all components are subject to "wear and tear", frames and forks included. This is where a component has simply done what was expected of it and has worn out or failed through general use of the part. Commonly you'll find parts such as chains, cassettes, brake pads and tyres subject to wear and tear more than other parts. Your warranty will be also be void if the bike is modified or altered in a way that affects the geometry of the bike and/or puts unnecessary stress on the bike.

  • Paintwork - from the date of purchase this has a 2 year guarantee. This covers manufacturing defects and excludes any scuffs, scratches, cable-rub or sunlight damage.
  • Suspension forks - these have a Guarantee of at least 1 year with Halfords but usually 2 years with the manufacturer.
  • Other components - most components will usually carry their own Guarantee, ranging from 1 year upwards depending on the brand.
  • Failure of components caused by misuse, lack of servicing and/or care – looking after your bike is important. This includes keeping it clean, well serviced and using it for what it is intended for. If you push a bike past what it was designed to do then you are more likely to cause harm to the bike and disqualify your Guarantee rights.
  • Electric components – the Guarantee on these usually varies between 1 year and 2 years depending on the brand. All batteries come with either a 2-year or 500 full cycle charge warranty, whichever comes first.

What is classed as a "manufacturing defect"?

A manufacturing defect is where a component fails or shows a sign of failure due to poor manufacturing from the factory. If your bike is having issues and it is not technically classed as a manufacturing defect, look at the “What happens if I crash my bike” section.

What is not covered for a lifetime?

It is important to understand that all bike parts are subject to general wear and tear, frames and forks included. This is where a bike part has simply done what was expected of it and has worn out or failed through general use.
Some of the more common parts subject to general wear and tear are usually the drivetrain, brakes and tyres. In this case, your Lifetime Cycle Guarantee will not cover the replacement cost. Your guarantee will also be void if you modified or alter your bike in a way that affects its geometry or puts unnecessary stress on the structure of it. If you intend on functioning your bike for Commercial use, this will certainly exceed what the bike was designed to do and will eventually cause unnecessary harm to the bike. Which as a result, will prevent your bike from being covered under any of our bike warranties.

Need to make a claim on your guarantee?

If you find yourself needing to make a claim on your guarantee, then please take your bike into any Halfords store with proof of purchase. If the bike was purchased online or you are unable to make the journey to store, get in touch with our customer support team. 

Please do not try and repair any damage that may have occurred, as this can affect our guarantee assessment. Just leave it to our store team and they will assess your bike, find out what caused the failure and find a solution.

As part of our Limited Lifetime Cycle Guarantee, we will replace the frame/fork with a model that is either like for like, or an upgrade to the previous model for the first 2 years of ownership.  After 2 years, we will provide a replacement of the next best frame on offer at that time.

Please note due to the models of your bike changing over time, component compatibility, design and geometry may vary. If we cannot replace the frame or fork, we will offer you a replacement bike of a similar retail price value. There are no refunds or vouchers given in exchange.

What happens if I crash my bike?

Sometimes accidents happen and will not be classed as a manufacturing defect. However, as we want to help you get back on your bike as quickly as possible, we will happily offer a replacement frame and/or forks, plus our fitting service, at a reduced price.

Please note we will offer the closest available product at the time of your claim, please contact your local store or our Customer Support team for more detail.

Providing that the cycle:

  • Has been properly cared for, regularly serviced, and maintained.
  • Has only been fitted with parts recommended by Halfords.
  • Has not been modified or altered in any way.
  • Has not been damaged by misuse.

Any failure caused by normal wear and tear or a lack of servicing and maintenance is excluded. Under the terms of this guarantee Halfords will bear the cost of the replacement parts and labour to carry out the repair.

Important: This guarantee applies only to cycles used under normal riding conditions. The components specified on all terrain cycles are guaranteed for normal off-road use. However, no cycles sold by Halfords are guaranteed to withstand stunt riding, jumping, trials riding, misuse, accidents, lack of maintenance, abuse, use in competition or commercial use (e.g. hire). This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights. Suitable terrain City and Trekking bikes are designed only for use on roads, cycle paths and smooth trail paths. Young adult bikes are designed only for riders who weigh less than 40kg (6st 4lbs) to use on roads, cycle paths & smooth trail paths Mountain and Jump style bikes are designed for on road and moderate off road use only. They are not intended for extreme off-road conditions, severe downhill riding or for jumping and stunt riding. Racing bikes are designed for use on roads and other smooth tarmac surfaces only. BMX bikes are designed for use on roads, smooth tracks, and ramps. If the rider has sufficient skills, they can be used for acrobatic ground manoeuvres and stunt riding.

This warranty applies to all of Halfords own bike brands:

Please see our T&C's for more information here

The warranty on all Halfords incandescent vehicle light bulbs is a standard 12 month warranty. This includes the 9011 HiR1 and 9012 HiR2 bulbs. This warranty offers replacement light bulbs which can be offered twice within a 12 month period, with no re-start of the warranty. If more than two bulbs blow in 12 months we would advise having your car's electrical systems checked. Please note that the exceptions to these warranties are the range of LED super bright bulbs which can be used off-road which have a warranty period of five years. HID bulbs have a warranty period of three years. If you paid to have the bulbs fitted at the time, we'll also happily replace them free of charge.

All of our Halfords branded locks carry a 1-year warranty. This covers defects which stop the lock from working. The warranty doesn't cover against wear and tear, non-defective rusting or as insurance against theft. Certain models from premium brands Magnum and Kryptonite carry lifetime guarantees - you'll need to register on-line with the manufacturer to take advantage of this, and any claims you'd make would need to be made with the manufacturer. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Karcher warranties cover their Home and Garden machines in domestic use. Any commercial use of the product will immediately void any warranty. In order for the warranty to be active, you'll need to register your product at kaercher.com. Please note that Karcher warranties are split into 30 day exchange with the retailer, and the remainder of the term is a Return-To-Base repair. The unit can either be collected from the store should you take it in, or from a home or work address if this is preferable. During this time, neither Halfords or Karcher are under any obligation to provide a loan unit while the faulty unit is being repaired. For more information, please contact Karcher directly.

All BikeHut branded repair tools are covered by a no-quibble Lifetime warranty and can be replaced with a Halfords tool with the same specification by popping into any store. We may not always carry spares of your tool, but we'll order it and get it to you as soon as we can, usually around three working days. Please note that this covers normal use and not misuse and is not applicable to BikeHut cleaning tools which are covered by a 12-month guarantee.

MBI Autoguard offer warranties which can be purchased in dealerships for new and second hand cars, motorbikes, caravans and motorhomes. Any remedial work is done at a Halfords Autocentres including audio equipment repairs up to the value of £500.

Some vehicle manufacturers or independent retailers have warranties which become void after the fitting of aftermarket stereos, or the hardwiring of dashcams or sat nav units. We would recommend that you should check the Terms and Conditions of your warranty prior to having any such work carried out. It may be that the retailer or dealership you bought the vehicle from would have a list of approved dealerships for such installations. It is up to you where you decide to go, and we would be happy to help should you choose us.