The advantages of drilled brake discs

If you’re thinking of upgrading your brake discs but are unsure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. For high performance brakes, drilled or slotted brake discs (also known as grooved brake discs) are the go-to but knowing which one to select can be a challenge.

Keep reading to discover the differences between brake discs designs and the advantages of choosing drilled brake discs.

Difference between performance and standard brake discs

Brake discs serve an important function as they help bring your vehicle to a halt. While standard brake discs do not compromise on safety, high performance brake discs provide an elevated driving experience. Performance brake discs are designed in a way to allow you to stop more quickly. They are also less likely to overheat compared to standard brake discs.

Difference between slotted and drilled brake discs

Both slotted and drilled brake discs will improve your braking performance. As the name suggests, slotted brake discs contain slots in the surface of the disc, which helps gas to escape. Drilled brake discs use holes around the surface to help brakes cool more quickly.

While both slotted and drilled discs have their benefits, drilled discs tend to be more popular amongst more conventional high-performance vehicles.

The benefits of drilled brake discs

There are range of advantages to choosing drilled brake discs to help improve your braking experience:

Improved braking response

Drilled brake discs contain small holes on the surface to help the gas to escape generated by the friction caused between the brake pad and the brake disc for more responsive braking.

Sporty aesthetic

Drilled discs are particularly popular for motorists who aspire to get that sporty look for their vehicle. Sports cars are well known for their slick features which create that ‘racing’ look, so drilled discs are a popular addition for achieving that sporty aesthetic.

Effective in wet conditions

The small holes in drilled brake discs disrupt the water layer that acts as a cushion on standard brake discs, which can take them longer to stop in wet conditions. Drilled brake discs help to provide efficient braking even in wet conditions, from the moment your foot pushes the brake pedal. As a result, drilled discs are ideal for those looking for more responsive brakes.

Improved heat and gas distribution

With standard brake discs, repeated braking raises the temperature, generating gases that decrease the efficiency of the brakes. Drilled brake discs have small holes that expel these gases quickly while maintaining friction and dissipating heat better, even during regular driving. As a result, drilled discs decrease the chance of any issues caused by overheating.

Better interaction with brake pads

Standard brake discs can accumulate ferrous material that sticks to the brake pad’s surface, causing reduced brake response. Drilled brake disc holes scrape the surface of the brake pad, preventing material build up and better-maintains brake performance.

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