What are suspension bushes?

Suspension bushes, also known as car bushes, or suspension mountings, are small rubber components that are fitted to your vehicle’s suspension system to reduce vibration from the road. Whilst suspension bushes may be small components, they are crucial in providing your car with a smooth ride, so it’s essential that they are not overlooked.

In this article, we’ll explain the significance of suspension bushes, what happens when they wear out and when they need replacing.

What are suspension bushes made from?

Suspension bushes are often made from rubber and polyurethane, which helps them absorb shocks and vibrations from the road. Some may be hollow, or oil filled, while some are completely solid. Their material helps provide a much smoother ride when going over the likes of speed bumps and potholes.

You can find suspension bushes on a number of vehicle components including the suspension control arms and ball joints.

What happens when suspension bushes wear out?

When suspension bushes wear out, you’ll usually hear creaking and knocking noises while you’re driving. You may also notice some changes to vehicle handling. For example, your vehicle may creak or rattle over uneven roads or if you make sharp turns. Your steering can also feel vague, giving you reduced control of the vehicle.

If you experience any of these problems, it’s important to get your vehicle looked at by a professional as soon as possible to diagnose the problem. Our experts at your local Halfords Autocentre are always here to help.

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How long do suspension bushes last?

The lifespan of suspension bushes will vary depending on your style of driving and the types of roads you drive on. As a result, there is no set time period for when you should change your bushings. For example, frequently driving on bumpy roads can cause suspension bushes to diminish and crack faster.

When do my suspension bushes need replacing?

A common sign your suspension bushings need replacing is if you hear rattling sounds as you drive over bumpy roads. You may also notice uneven tyre wear. If you hear rattling, clunking or knocking noises when driving over rough terrain or taking sharp turns, speak to a garage as soon as possible to get your suspension bushes replaced.

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Can I drive on worn suspension bushes?

It can be dangerous to drive on worn suspension bushes due to potential lack of steering control. Steering can often feel looser or heavier when there are problems with the suspension bushes, so you will lose stability as you drive. You’ll also experience a bumpy and uncomfortable ride if the bushes are unable to absorb vibrations from the road.

If your bushes are worn, get your vehicle looked at by a professional as soon as possible to get replacements. One of the Halfords experts are always happy to take a look – find your local Halfords Autocentre online.

Are worn suspension bushes an MOT failure?

Excessively worn bushes are classed as a major defect. If your bushes are likely to become detached, it’s classed as a dangerous defect, so it’s important to ensure that they remain in good condition. If you’re concerned about your car’s suspension, consider booking our car safety inspection, which covers over 30 points including checking steering and suspension components for leaks, wear, and corrosion.

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What is the cost to replace suspension bushes?

There are a variety of factors that can impact the cost of replacing your suspension bushes, such as the make and model of your vehicle, the type of bushes to be replaced, the extent of the damage and labour costs. Often it can be more cost effective to replace a suspension arm that includes the bush, than to have the bush removed and replaced due to the labour required. It is also recommended to have the wheel alignment checked and adjusted if required following replacement of parts to the steering and or suspension.

If you think your bushes need to be replaced, book an appointment at your local Autocentre and one of our experts will take a look. If your suspension bushes do need to be replaced, they will provide you with a quote before carrying out any work.

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