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Suspension bushes are small components which are typically made of rubber or polyurethane. By absorbing shock and isolating vibrations, they work to reduce friction at the point where more than one metal parts meet. In most road cars, suspension bushes are in place to improve overall ride comfort and allow important car parts to move freely without causing friction. But as with all car parts , suspension bushes are subject to general wear and tear as your car clocks up miles. Being exposed to the elements can also cause the suspension bushes to crack over time. As the rubber bushes wear down in your vehicle, your ride will become uncomfortable and you may experience unnatural movements in the steering - especially when cornering. Excessive noise and vibrations are also signs that your suspension bushes need replacing. At Halfords, we understand the importance of having quality suspension bushes fitted to your car. And that’s why we stock a huge range of products for all car makes and models, which are easier than ever to find due to our vehicle registration lookup tool. Once you’ve pinpointed the products you need, use our convenient click & collect service to get hold of your products sooner. Alternatively, rely on our trusted delivery service. If you’re still unsure which products to choose, head down to your local Halfords store where one of our colleagues will be happy to help you out.