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The rubber used for the car door and roof seals is malleable and flexible, which makes it perfect for keeping out the wind, rain and snow. Over time, however, it can become brittle and can crack. You’ll first start to notice it when the heat in your car drops, or water starts to appear in the sills. Thankfully, replacing your car seals is simple, cheap and perfect for the DIY mechanic. At Halfords, we have seals in stock for all major makes and models of car. It’s easy to find the car parts you need with our spares finder. Just enter your registration and you’ll see the right spares for your vehicle. It’s essential that you replace seals as soon as you start to spot any wear and tear as thieves can use even tiny gaps to get access to your car and any valuables left inside. Once you’ve selected the right seals for your vehicle, we can have them with you quickly with our speedy home delivery service. Or, if you prefer the personal touch, use our Click & Collect service to have your parts dropped off at your local Halfords store . Don’t let the weather win this winter (or any other season).