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The system of car door handles, locks and barrels is pretty simple but is critical to the safety of your vehicle. Thieves look for any opportunity, and nothing says ‘steal me’ like an unlocked car. Even if they don’t take the car, they’ll have their pick of anything left inside. Thankfully, you don’t need to see a locksmith, just head to Halfords where you’ll find replacement car handles, locks and barrels for all popular makes and models. While handles are often generic, you’ll need to ensure that the locks and barrels on your vehicle are specific to your car to avoid embarrassment and a lengthy wait for a mobile mechanic. It’s simple to search through our stock with our smart registration checker. Enter your details and you’ll see the right handles, locks and barrels for your car. You’ll find them alongside our massive range of car spares and replacement parts. If you need some help or advice, then pop in to any Halfords store where our helpful staff can help you find the right parts. While you’re there, you can find the right specialist tools to ensure the job is short and successful. If you prefer to buy online, we can have your new parts delivered to your door in days.