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A collision, corrosion or damage can spell the end for your fuel tank. Fuel caps are also at risk from wear and tear, bumps and scrapes and vandalism. If you notice a missing or damaged fuel-cap or have been in an accident, be sure to check your fuel tank and cap for damage. If water (or any other nasty substance) gets into your fuel tank, it can cause corrosion. While you won’t be able to see inside, you may notice sediment or obstructions appearing in your fuel filter. All ring alarm bells and need to be sorted as soon as possible, or you could be looking at a lengthy wait and an expensive repair. At Halfords, we’ve got a variety of fuel tanks and fuel caps all in-stock and ready to fit. Selecting the right part is easy with our online car parts finder. Add your registration and you’ll see the suitable spares for your car. All of our parts are available with speedy home delivery or use Click & Collect to have your new tank or caps delivered to your local Halfords store .