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Rain, snow, dust and debris can are all swept out the way by the windscreen wipers on our cars. Driving without them is unthinkable and illegal. At Halfords, our range of windscreen wiper arms, wiper motors and washers contain everything you need to repair or replace your car’s windscreen wipers. We even stock replacement blades too. The windscreen wiper system in your car is made up of a motor which powers the arms which hold the blades. A separate washer system shoots water onto the screen to clean it. Any part of the system can fail, and if it does, it needs to be addressed. A busted washer system isn’t just dangerous; it will affect your car’s resale value and its ability to pass an MOT. At Halfords, we stock a complete range of windscreen wiper system spares. Ready and waiting, you’ll always find windscreen wiper arms, wiper motors and washers suitable for most common makes and model of vehicle. Using our online search tool makes identifying the right part easy. Add your registration number or select your car from the menu, and you’ll see the parts that fit. Ordering is simple too, with free online delivery when you spend over £40. If it’s easier, use our Click & Collect service to have your wiper parts delivered to your choice of local Halfords store . Rain, wind, sun and snow, Halfords is here to keep you on the road, wherever you’re going.