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Your cars braking system uses hydraulic pressure applied from your foot as it presses the brake pedal to create friction, allowing you to brake safely. If your brake master cylinder is not working correctly then this will affect the braking power of your car and could potentially put you at risk. The hydraulic pressure sets the braking system into motion and is vital for enabling you to brake efficiently when needed. One of the most common failures for clutch master cylinders is the contamination of brake fluid, so you need to carry out regular checks, as this caulk cause you fail your MOT. If you need any help or advice on which is the best master cylinder for your vehicle, then just call into your local Halfords and one of our team will be on hand to help you choose the right one. All of our brake master cylinders are available to order online today, or if you want to order and pick up, then you can use our free click and collect service. Interest-free credit is available.