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Your AC condenser sits in front of the radiator and its job is to change the refrigerant in the system from a gas to very cool liquid, cooling the inside of your car. As well as providing you comfort when you drive on hot days, they also expel heat from your car to level out the temperatures. The main cause of failure for your car air con condenser is mechanical damage or corrosion due to its location it’s prone to water or dust particles. When this happens it is advisable to replace your cars air conditioner condenser. That’s why it's important to keep your air conditioner condensers well maintained and in good working order, especially in the summer months. If your air con's on the blink and you're sweltering in your car, it may be that your car's air conditioning condenser is broken and needs replacing. Halfords supply a full range of air con condensers for you to replace your damaged one. You can browse online and buy today, or if you are unsure which is the best one for your vehicle then you can call into your local Halfords store and one of our team can assist in helping you choose. You can also use our free click an collect service if that’s more convenient. Interest-free credit is available.