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Car fans are incredibly important in any vehicle as they aid in the circulation of air. They're used to cool the engine by pushing air around the engine bay, and they're also in the car's cooling and heating systems, taking the cool or warm air and pushing it into the passenger compartment. Having your car fan fail isn't much fun; you can guarantee it will happen in either the depths of winter or the sweltering summer heat, but fortunately they aren't too difficult to replace. There are two main types of car fans in your vehicle, one that stops the engine from overheating and one that keeps you and your passengers warm in the winter months, if one breaks then you will need to replace it or get the necessary car fan parts to fix it. Halfords supply a full range of car heater fans and car fan parts. You can browse and buy online today, or if you need advice on which is the correct car fan then you can call into your local Halfords store and on of our team will be happy help you make the right choice. You can also use the Halfords free click and collect service. Interest-free credit is available.