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An air conditioning unit is made up of multiple components, with the evaporator responsible for turning liquid refrigerant into cool air, which is then pumped through small vents into your vehicle cabin. The expansion valve is responsible for lowering the pressure and controlling the flow of the refrigerant before it turns into vapour in the evaporator. An expansion valve is one of the most important elements to a car’s air conditioning system and can cause serious damage to your AC unit if left alone while faulty. A high level of damage to your air conditioning system can result in an expensive repair bill, which is why it’s important to detect any problems with your expansion valve before they develop. To help diagnose an air conditioning problem, we offer a free air-con check in-store free air-con check in-store ! With Halfords range of expansion valve products and repair service from your Halfords Autocentres , a faulty expansion valve is simple to diagnose and fairly straightforward to repair. Using our vehicle registration tool provided, you can find the products best suited to your vehicle. Simply enter your vehicle registration number and watch our system pull all the relevant products in no time at all. Once you’ve found the products you need, use our convenient click & collect service to pick them up from your local Halfords store. Alternatively, have them delivered to your home or work address for a small fee.