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In order to function, your car’s engine requires a combination of fuel and air. Every car has an air-intake system which is responsible for controlling the airflow into the engine, while the fuel injector is responsible for delivering the fuel. But the fuel supply in a car is limited, and the air supply is often inconsistent, which makes the job of the air-intake system and especially the fuel injector important. If maintained and cleaned, a car’s fuel injector can also increase fuel efficiency, reduce pollution and also reduce the fuel injector cost.

Fuel injector problems usually stem from a clogged fuel injector, and can be solved relatively easily with the correct products. To clean your fuel injector, you’ll need to use best fuel injector cleaner fuel injector cleaner products such as the ones we stock online and in-store. Within our range of fuel injectors and fuel injector cleaners, you’ll products for all car makes and models. Our vehicle registration tool will help you find products suitable for your vehicle, just enter your reg and hit enter! Once you’ve found the products you require, our convenient click & collect service is available to ensure you get your products hassle-free. Or, if you’d prefer, use our trusted delivery service. If you’re still unsure which products you need, head down to your local Halfords store and speak to one of our team.