Oil Caps & Breather Pipes

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Oil caps are cheap car parts that protect your car from expensive damage. They keep the oil in your engine from contamination, keeping it - and your engine - working perfectly. Caps can crack, snap or get lost while you’re working on your engine. It’s not the end of the world, a replacement is simple and easy to find with Halfords.

As well as replacement oil caps, we also stock breather pipes that keep the oil circulating through the engine. When your engine is stopped, the breather pipe enables the oil to collect in the sump, where it can be collected and reused. Breather pipes perform an essential role, but over time can fray, split or crack - leading to leaky oil and potentially expensive engine damage.

Replacing the oil cap or fitting new breather pipe are cheap and easy repairs for the DIY mechanic. If you’re confident with a spanner, you can find the OEM spares and aftermarket replacement parts with our select tool. Add your registration and you’ll only see the right parts for your make and model. You can shop online, or use our Click and Collect service to get your car parts package delivered to your local Halfords store where you can collect it the next day.