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Your car’s oil pump keeps your engine running smoothly. If it packs up, you’re in big trouble. The first sign of danger is the oil warning light flashing or a loud and angry noise from the engine. Pretty soon after, your cars likely to grind to a halt - and fixing the damage won’t be cheap. At Halfords, we’ve stock car oil pumps that will keep your oil pressure up, whatever you drive and wherever you’re going.

Car oil pumps are built to last, but over time, they can wear away with heat, engine vibration and the pressure of life on the road taking their toll. If your car oil pump is on the way out, it’s important to replace it sooner rather than later. Oil pumps keep the moving parts of your engine running smoothly. They push oil around the engine, lubricating bearing, pistons and the camshaft, as well as helping to keep it cool and free of debris.

Selecting the right oil pump for your car is simple with our car parts finder. Enter your registration number or some details about the make and model of your car and you’ll see the right oil pump for your vehicle.

If you’re replacing your oil pump, we recommend you also replace the filter, gaskets and the oil itself. You can find everything you need at Halfords. For over a century we’ve been helping motorists keep their cars on the road and mechanics twiddling their thumbs.