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The pistons in your car fire thousands of times every minute, delivering the power that’s transferred into movement. Piston rings sit on the outside of the piston, sealing the engine’s combustion chamber. The split rings keep your pistons working effectively, manage heat and keep oil consumption to a minimum. Piston liners (sometimes called cylinder liners) are metal tubes that sit inside the engine. Made from hard-wearing metal they can be replaced, giving your engine a longer life-span.

Your engine works hard to keep you moving, and over time components like piston rings and piston liners can wear out. Swapping them isn’t an easy job, but with the right tools and the best parts from Halfords, you’ll already have a head start.

We can provide everything you need to rebuild your engine’s top end, keeping it working better for longer. Our car parts finder will help you select the right rings and liners for your engine. Just type in your registration and you’ll see the parts that will fit your engine.

Our entire range of car spares is available to search and buy online. If it’s easier, use our Click and Collect service to have your parts delivered to your local Halfords store . If you need some help, chat with one of our trained staff who can help you to choose the best parts for you and your project.